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ก่อตั้ง 1818
สาขาวิชาที่สนใจ Life Sciences, Medicine, Petroleum Engineering
Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship
Scholarship Name Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship
Academic Year 2024
Scholarship amount Up to $40,000

Value: $40,000 per year for up to two years
Scholarship type: Entrance only for Master’s applicants, Entrance or in-program for Doctoral applicants
Degree level: Thesis-based master's or doctoral
Available to: Iranian students (international students will also be considered)
Renewable: Yes


Abdul Bader was born in the Iranian capital city of Tehran in 1949. After completing his primary education he left his homeland for Great Britain, where he completed his secondary education. He then went to the U.S. for advanced studies. Just prior to the Islamic Revolution, he returned to Iran, having received a Master’s of Arts in Law & Diplomacy from Tufts University's Fletcher School. A series of events, including his father’s death and the advent of the Islamic Republic in Iran changed the course of Mr. Bader’s career. Thereafter, his time was devoted to running a private inherited business.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Bader had the opportunity to gain permanent resident status in Canada. Some years later, he became a Canadian citizen. With no immediate family, Mr. Bader decided to will much of his Canadian assets to Dalhousie University to create the Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship fund for international doctoral or master’s students. On learning of the high tuition costs for these students, Mr. Bader decided the scholarship should be directed to international students, with a first preference for Iranian students who are residents of Iran. In this manner, Mr. Bader hoped to give back to his homeland and his adopted country of Canada, which, he says, has been most generous to people like him.

The scholarship is valued at $40,000 for one 12-month academic year of full-time study. The scholarship is renewable, subject to an annual progress review. The award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study. Fees are not waived and must be paid out of the award.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants from Iran will be given first preference for the award, with international students being considered if there are no Iranian candidates. 

  • Students with first-class academic standing (>3.7/4.3)  in their last two years of academic study may apply. Preference is given to students who have not yet started their degree or are in the first year of their PhD program at the time of application.

  • Students enrolled in a master’s program at the time of application are not eligible to apply.

  • Students who have applied to master’s programs are eligible to apply.

  • Students who are enrolled in or have applied to doctoral programs are eligible to apply.

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Amanpreet KaurInternational Business Management (May 2024 intake)