Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

International students looking to take up professional and skill-based courses that can be done in less time and lesser investment in terms of money are increasingly choosing Canada as a preferred destination for pursuing higher education.

The Canadian education system is recognised globally and has a world-class infrastructure that provides varied specialised diploma options in a multitude of subjects. Most diploma programs are designed in a manner that familiarises students with the important knowledge of their field of study in a short duration of time, which gives them the option to even start their careers earlier.

Advantages of studying a diploma course

Diploma courses that are available at Canadian colleges and universities are available in 1-year and 2-year terms in most cases. One of the biggest advantages of taking up the 2-year diploma program is that students get a 3-year post-study work visa after completing their education.

These short-term courses are affordable, flexible in terms of the admission criteria and have a strong professional orientation, including opportunities to take up internships, which help students gain hands-on experience in the industry.

Students also have the option to earn while they learn and explore different career opportunities. They can also apply for a full-time job while pursuing their diploma so that they can take their career further. Another option available to the students is that they can opt for a transition to a full-fledged master’s course also while studying for their diploma courses if they wish to study further.

Types of diploma course

When choosing to study a diploma course in Canada, you have two options; the undergraduate and postgraduate diploma. The undergraduate course can be done after you have completed your secondary education. The five most popular undergraduate diploma courses in Canada are:

Postgraduate diploma courses can be completed once you have graduated in a particular subject. These are also available as 1-year and 2-year graduate diploma courses. The 2-year diploma gives you the option to stay back for 3 years whereas the 1-year diploma gives only a year of stay back option. The top five most popular postgraduate diploma courses are:

Where can you study diploma courses in Canada?

Popular Canadian universities and colleges which provide diploma courses include:

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