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Why Study a Master's in Canada?

Last updated: 28 December 2023 Canadian Course Guide Masters Courses

Canada is renowned for its high-quality education system and globally recognized universities. Because Canadian degrees are widely respected and valued in the job market, international students studying a master's in Canada will have a competitive edge in their respective fields upon graduation.

Many master's in Canada can also be completed within two years, allowing students to take advantage of the post-graduation work permit, enabling them to stay in the country for the same duration of time as the course they take up. Keep reading ahead to find all the relevant information if you want to study master's in Canada.

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why study a master's in canada

Why Study a Master’s in Canada?

Every year, thousands of international students choose to study in Canada, and many take up master's programs in their respective fields.

1. Academic excellence

Canadian universities are renowned worldwide for their educational programs in multiple disciplines. Many universities in Canada consistently rank among the top in global university ranking systems, offering high-quality education and exceptional research opportunities in their master's programs. Canada’s education system is also known for its cooperative programs, which allow students to gain hands-on experience through internships. 

2. Diverse and inclusive environment

Canada has a multicultural society wherein individuals from different cultural backgrounds live and thrive together. This environment provides an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for students from around the world, enhancing their overall learning experience. 

3. Post-graduation work opportunities

Canada allows its students to stay back in the country for a duration of up to 3 years after their graduation. The post-study work permit also acts as a favorable immigration policy, allowing graduates to add their work experience as part of their permanent residence application if they decide to settle in Canada. 

4. Bilingual environment

Students who are proficient in either English or French can apply to study in Canada. The country is officially bilingual, enabling students with knowledge of either language to advance in their academic fields. People who are proficient in both languages stand to gain even more attractive opportunities in the job market. 

Types of Master's in Canada

In Canada, students pursuing master's degree programs can choose from various disciplines.

Master’s Costs and Fees in Canada

The cost of pursuing a master's degree in Canada would generally vary on factors such as the university, specific program, and the location in which your institution is situated. For international students, master's program tuition fees typically range from CAD 10,000 to CAD 60,000 per year, with professional programs like MBA potentially costing even more.

Apart from the tuition costs, students also need to consider the living costs, which can range from CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,000 per year. The final actual prices would vary depending on your city, as these costs are higher in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Eligibility Criteria for MS in Canada

You must find the eligibility criteria for the program you wish to study in Canada, as there might be variations according to the specific university or courses you apply to. However, certain common factors in the Canadian education system exist, which are discussed below:

Admission Requirements for MS in Canada

If you are eligible to apply to the program of choice, you must apply to the university’s official website. The overall admission requirements for master's programs in Canada vary among universities and specific courses, but there are common elements that many institutions consider. The major admission requirements are mentioned below:

Master's Scholarships in Canada

Canada offers numerous scholarships for international students pursuing master's degrees, supporting them in achieving their academic goals. Some prominent scholarships for master's in Canada include:

Job Opportunities

Master's graduates in Canada can get many job opportunities across various sectors. Academia and research roles in universities or research institutions are common for master’s students, as are positions in the corporate sector, such as business analytics, consulting, and project management. In healthcare, graduates can find roles in healthcare management, public health, and research roles. Information technology offers software development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence opportunities. Engineering graduates may work in research and development or project management. Government agencies can offer positions in public policy development, while non-profit and NGOs address social impact and advocacy.

Study an MS in Canada

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