10 Reasons To Study in Canada as an International Student

Posted 24 May 2023 Student Experience Study in Canada

Canada is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, friendly people, and world-class education system; it is rapidly becoming one of the top-most choices for many students who are looking for options to pursue their education abroad.

With over 500,000 international students currently studying in Canada, the country has plenty to offer to students from across the world. From high-quality education and top-notch facilities to a multicultural society and excellent career prospects, there are several reasons why Canada for international students is a great destination to have an unforgettable academic experience.

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10 reasons study in canada

10 Reasons to Choose Studying in Canada

1. High-Quality Education

Canada's top universities offer a diverse range of high-quality bachelor's and master's degrees across various disciplines. The Canadian education system overall is known for its high standards and rigorous academic curriculum, which is recognized worldwide. Many of its universities consistently rank among the top 100 in major international rankings.

2. Multicultural Society

Canada is a diverse country with people from different cultural backgrounds living together harmoniously. It was also the first country to adopt the policy of Multiculturalism on a national level officially. As an international student, you'll have the opportunity to learn about various cultures and traditions and broaden your horizons. This aspect also helps in making the country a perfect place for students who are looking for a welcoming and inclusive community of people who extend a warm welcome to them.

3. Affordable Education

When compared with other popular study destinations like the US and the UK, education in Canada is relatively affordable. Even the cost of living in many cities is much less than in the other major cities of the world. Canadian universities offer high-quality education at reasonable tuition fees, making it a desirable option for international students from all parts of the world.

4. Post-graduate Work Permit

International students who are able to complete their education in Canada are eligible for a Post-graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which makes it possible for them to stay back and work for up to three years after graduation. This permit provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain relevant and valuable work experience to jumpstart their international careers. After that, if they want to settle in the country, the route to permanent residency becomes easier with a Canadian education and work experience.

5. Safe and Secure Environment

Canada is known for its safe and peaceful environment, making it an ideal destination for international students. The country has low crime rates, strict gun laws, and a strong social welfare system that ensures the safety and overall well-being of its citizens and residents. As Canadians happily accept people of other cultures living with them, the overall environment is much safer than in other countries. 

6. High Standard of Living

Canada is regarded for its high standard of living, with excellent healthcare, social services, and infrastructure. The government ensures that benefits are given to international people from other parts of the world in terms of work opportunities even while studying. International students can expect to enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle while studying in Canada, as they are officially allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. This opportunity makes it easy for them to have additional income for a better quality of life. 

7. Natural Beauty

Canada has some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, including the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, and Banff National Park. International students can take advantage of the country's natural beauty by exploring its parks, hiking trails, and ski resorts. Even though Canada is cold for most of the year, it witnesses all the major seasons and gives plenty of opportunities to students to explore the country in any season. 

8. Canada Scholarships

There are a wide variety of scholarships for international students in Canada, including:

9. High Employment Rates

Canada is known to have among the lowest unemployment rates globally, making it an attractive destination for international students looking for employment opportunities after graduation. The country's strong economy and thriving job market ensure that graduates have a high chance of finding employment in their chosen field. The major cities, in particular, have many businesses looking to hire talented graduates, making it possible for students to get great job opportunities. 

10. Vibrant Cities

Canada has several vibrant and multicultural cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. Each of these fabulous cities has its own unique culture and attractions, offering students a diverse range of experiences to enjoy. These cities have the perfect blend of natural beauty and facilities for a fast-paced modern life. With this kind of combination, students get the golden chance to enjoy the best of both worlds and strive towards a successful career.

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