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Why Study in Vancouver as an International Student?

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When international students search for the best Canadian cities to study in, Vancouver consistently ranks among the leading choices. Nestled on the breathtaking west coast of Canada, Vancouver offers a unique environment that makes it highly appealing to students in search of a comprehensive academic experience.

Most students who study abroad have specific criteria in mind when choosing their destination. Vancouver aligns with many crucial factors international students seek: high-quality education, globally renowned universities, stunning natural landscapes, vibrant student life, and promising career opportunities.

Vancouver isn't just a place to further your studies; it's a city that allows you to simultaneously embark on exciting personal and professional adventures, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Learn more below, and to begin your study in Canada application, contact SI-Canada today.

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Four Reasons to Study in Vancouver

1. Outstanding educational institutions

Vancouver has some of Canada's leading universities and colleges, many known for their academic excellence and globally recognized educational programs. Students can access various fields of education and benefit from world-class teaching and research infrastructure at these institutes.

2. Multicultural hub

Vancouver's multiculturalism is a defining feature that gives the city a unique identity. The city embraces diversity, creating a welcoming environment for international students to thrive. You'll find people from several cultures and backgrounds, making it easier for you to connect and learn from them.

3. Natural beauty

The natural beauty of Vancouver is unparalleled. The city offers various outdoor activities year-round, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and majestic mountains on the other. From hiking and skiing to kayaking and biking, you will have many adventures waiting just outside your door when studying in Vancouver. 

4. Robust job market

Vancouver's diverse and thriving economy means students can access numerous job opportunities during and after their studies. This makes the city attractive for those seeking work experience while pursuing their education.

Best Colleges and Universities in Vancouver for International Students

University of British Columbia

UBC is one of Canada's most prestigious universities, consistently ranked among the top institutions worldwide. It is ranked the 34th best university in the world for 2024 in the QS World University Rankings and is 41st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in subjects such as engineering, healthcare and medicine, business and management, and arts and sciences, to name a few.  

Simon Fraser University

SFU is another well-regarded institution known for its research and academic excellence. The public research university has diverse programs and campuses in and around Vancouver. The university offers endless opportunities for students to develop skills and pursue exciting career options through its eight faculties. 

Langara College

Langara College is a well-respected community college in Vancouver, offering various diploma, certificate, and degree programs in multiple fields. It's mainly known for its transfer programs to universities, career-focused and continuing studies programs. Students can benefit from the college's small class sizes and competitive tuition rates. 

British Columbia Institute of Technology

BCIT is a polytechnic institution in Vancouver recognized for its hands-on training and career-focused programs in fields like engineering, technology, and business. The university offers over 300 programs and 1,000 part-time courses through a flexible and applied approach to education that lets students gain real-world experience.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Specializing in art and design, Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a world-class institution that nurtures creativity and innovation among students by offering undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, media, and design. It was ranked the 25th best Art & Design school in the world by QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023. 

Popular Courses to Study in Vancouver

Although Vancouver offers a variety of courses across its colleges and universities, some are more in demand among international students due to the quality of education and career opportunities.

Student Life in Vancouver

Studying in Vancouver offers a truly enriching experience that can leave a lasting impression. Student life in the city extends beyond the classroom, encompassing many experiences that enhance the overall journey.

Vancouver's multicultural environment facilitates interactions with people from various backgrounds, fostering lifelong friendships and connections. Students can also engage in recreational activities and immerse themselves in a rich cultural scene. Vancouver features numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, cultural festivals, and famous landmarks like Stanley Park, the Vancouver Opera, MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Accessing these attractions is a breeze thanks to the city's advanced public transportation system.

Moreover, Vancouver's stunning natural landscapes provide ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy hiking through lush forests, skiing down pristine slopes, kayaking on the Pacific Ocean, or cycling along scenic routes, the city offers many outdoor activities to complement your academic journey.

Cost of Living in Vancouver

As Vancouver is among the major Canadian cities with many amenities for a comfortable student living, international students' costs are relatively high compared to other cities. The specific cost of living in Vancouver will vary depending on your lifestyle and housing choices, but we can give an estimate that can help you determine your overall budget to live in the city.

Regarding accommodation costs, you can either go for on-campus housing, which can cost around CAD 10,000-15,000 per term, or rent an apartment, which can range anywhere from CAD 1,500-2,500 per month. The cost of groceries and food can be around CAD 300-800 per month, and as an international student, you may have to pay for health insurance, which can cost around CAD 800-1000 for a year. Transportation costs can be around CAD 100-150 per month. Apart from these general expenses, you may also need to keep some amount for miscellaneous costs needed for clothing, entertainment, phone, and internet bills, among other things.

Career Opportunities after Studying in Vancouver

Vancouver has a diverse and thriving economy, which is excellent for students seeking career opportunities in the city after study. Over the past few years, the city has become a hub for industries like software development, video game development, information technology, aerospace, television, and film.

Important companies based in Vancouver or have local offices include Hootsuite, Tenke Mining, Telus Corp, Pixar Canada, Citizens Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank, and the Jim Pattison Group. Besides these popular options, Vancouver has opportunities in other fields, such as medicine and healthcare, sustainable industries, tourism and hospitality, and business and management. 

Because many universities provide industry-relevant degree courses in popular fields, students' chances of finding relevant jobs in their fields of study increase as they are trained with the skills needed to excel in those fields. Most institutions also provide co-op programs and internships, which further help students gain experience and later find exciting career opportunities in Vancouver.

Study in Vancouver

If you want to begin your application to study in Vancouver, arrange a free consultation with SI-Canada today, and we can discuss your academic future.

Universities featured in this article:

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  • Simon Fraser University
  • Langara College
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
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