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Politics Degree in Canada

Introduction to studying a politics degree in Canada

Politics is the study of governance, political systems, and global affairs on national and international levels. Studying a politics course equips individuals with analytical skills, critical thinking, and the ability to comprehend complex societal issues. It is a powerful discipline that can foster a sense of civic responsibility among citizens and empower them to engage actively in the democratic processes of a country or any place. An educational program can provide insights into policy-making, international relations, and power dynamics for students genuinely interested in politics, eventually preparing them for diverse careers in public service, diplomacy, advocacy, or academia.

Canada is usually considered one of the best places to study politics as it has an inclusive and diverse society, which serves as a microcosm for the study of political structures, policies, and the challenges faced by modern democracies worldwide. This multicultural backdrop facilitates a nuanced understanding of identity politics, immigration policies, and the role of diverse communities in shaping the political landscape of a nation. The academic experience offered to students is also renowned worldwide, as many prestigious universities in Canada provide exceptional political courses. International students who wish to study political science in Canada can find various pathways to start their education and also actively work during and after graduation in the country's political environment as Canada respects the multicultural fabric of its society, allowing its residents from other countries to take up positions within the government.

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Types of Degree

Bachelor's in Politics

Studying politics at the undergraduate level gives students a comprehensive education covering various topics, including political theory, international relations, comparative politics, public policy, and Canadian politics. They can also expect to engage with theoretical frameworks, historical analyses, and contemporary issues shaping the country's political landscape.

Canadian universities offering bachelor's in politics provide a flexible curriculum that allows students to tailor their studies to specific areas of interest within the field. Moreover, these programs encourage critical thinking, research, and effective communication skills. Students are generally required to complete a specified number of credits, and the program may be completed after students take up a capstone project or an internship, allowing them to learn the practical application of the theoretical knowledge acquired during their university years.

Master's in Politics

Master's programs in politics serve as graduate study options, offering an advanced level of education. These programs generally cater to students with a background in political science or a related field while allowing them to delve into advanced topics. The overall curriculum involves coursework dealing with advanced topics in political science, research methodologies, and critical analyses of political systems.

The best universities for political science in Canada offering master's degrees allow students to specialize in political theory, international relations, public policy, comparative politics, or Canadian politics. Given Canada's multicultural society and its position in global affairs, the master's programs are renowned for providing a unique perspective on domestic and international political issues. Many courses also involve interdisciplinary approaches, allowing students to integrate insights from other disciplines, such as economics, sociology, or environmental studies, into their political analyses. Some graduate programs emphasize research skills, entailing students to complete a thesis or a major research project as part of their degree requirements.

PhD in Politics

Students who wish to attain the highest educational credentials while studying politics courses in Canada can opt for PhD programs in Canada. These doctoral-level courses offer an intensive academic experience, which leads to individuals finding career opportunities in the field of research and educators, apart from options to take part in the governing systems of the country. 

Most of the PhD programs are known to provide a comprehensive understanding of political theory, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, and other specialized areas within the discipline. Pursuing a PhD in politics enables students to engage in original research and develop advanced theoretical perspectives on polity.


Scholarships are available at various levels for students who want to offset some of the costs of studying in Canada. These scholarships also aim to attract high-achieving individuals, promote diversity, and facilitate the exchange of ideas in the field of political science in Canada.

Jobs and Careers

A degree in politics from Canada is valued globally and offers students several career opportunities after graduation. They can find employment in different industries as political science is a versatile field that instills critical thinking, research, and communication skills among the graduates. Following are some careers that individuals with a background in politics can pursue after completing their studies in Canada:


Politics graduates can get career opportunities in several fields owing to their specializations and the experience level they gather over the years. The overall remuneration of individuals in Canada differs in many ways. However, individuals starting entry-level positions can expect to earn around CAD 49,000 annually. The mid-career professionals in roles such as policy analysts or government relations specialists can earn around CAD 71,000 per year. Those with advanced degrees and extensive experience, such as political consultants, professors, or senior government officials, may command salaries exceeding CAD 110,000.

Where can I study Political Science in Canada?

To learn more about the best politics universities in Canada, find details on the top ranking Politics programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Ottawa
  5. Carleton University
  6. University of Montreal
  7. University of Alberta
  8. York University
  9. Queen's University at Kingston
  10. Simon Fraser University

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How long does it take to study politics in Canada?

The duration of studying politics courses in Canada usually varies on the academic level pursued. An undergraduate degree takes three to four years, while a master's degree can be completed in two years. PhD programs can take around 4-6 years. 

How much does it cost to study politics in Canada?

The overall cost of studying politics in Canada usually depends on the educational credentials one seeks. For a bachelor's degree, students can expect to pay CAD 25,000-60,000, while for a master's degree, they may need to pay around CAD 16,000-30,000. To pursue PhD in Canada, students must pay around CAD 6,000-20,000. 

How do I apply for politics courses in Canada as an international student?

To apply for politics courses in Canada as an international student, you must find the university and program that suits you best. After zeroing in on the courses, check the admission requirements and gather the necessary documents before applying online on the university's website. 

What are the career prospects for politics graduates in Canada?

Politics graduates in Canada can enter various industries and have diverse career prospects. They can pursue roles in government, policy analysis, international relations, journalism, public affairs, or advocacy.

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