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Interior Design Courses in Canada

Introduction to studying an interior design degree

Canadian interior design courses cover each different aspect of the process, from initial design to branding to project management to execution, with specific modules focussing on colour, drawing plans, space planning, furnishings, wall and floor finishes, furniture styles, lighting and best professional practice – all combining to put you on the right path towards becoming an interior designer. Digital presentation and project management skills are also included.

Work placements and regular contact with specialists in the field are commonplace on most interior design courses, with professional training opportunities also available on live projects.

The demand for talented designers has seen a significant rise in Canada, which has also led to an increase in study options for students. Students can take several courses at different levels to pursue their academic journey in some of the best interior design colleges in Canada. After graduation, the educational background of students enables them to look for relevant jobs in the industry.

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Types of Interior Design Course

Diploma in Interior Design

Most interior design colleges in Canada offer short-term diploma courses as a practical pathway for individuals who aspire to pursue a career in this dynamic and creative field. These programs are generally curated so that students are given a strong foundation in interior design principles, techniques, and practical skills. Most diploma courses are best for students who wish to attain credentials through a shorter and more focused educational program. 

Students are given extensive knowledge by covering various subjects, including design theory, spatial planning, color theory, materials, lighting, and sustainability. They are also introduced to industry-standard design software options like AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite, essential tools for interior designers. These courses also enable students to engage in real-world design projects as part of their practical training modules, which can help them build a professional portfolio. 

Bachelor's in Interior Design

Students who wish to receive a comprehensive educational experience in the field usually opt for a bachelor's in interior design. These are considered great options for international students as they get a well-rounded education, followed by a stay-back option for up to three years after graduation. 

The bachelor's degree in this dynamic field allows students to immerse in the principles and practice of interior design. Students get to explore a range of design subjects and also gain hands-on experience during their study years. Undergraduate interior design programs also include coursework in professional practices, including project management, building codes and regulations, budgeting, client communication, and ethical considerations in the field. These programs perfectly combine artistic creativity with technical proficiency for preparing students to curate successful careers in designing functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for their clients and organizations. 

Master's in Interior Design

A master's is the pathway to obtaining an advanced level of education in the interior designing industry. These graduate courses usually offer an in-depth exploration of interior design theory, practice, and innovation, equipping students with the expertise to lead in the industry. Many study options at this level also offer the chance to specialize in specific areas of interior design, such as healthcare design, sustainable design, commercial design, or historic preservation, allowing students to align their studies with their career aspirations. 

Apart from delving into the specialized subjects, students also engage in research and design projects that often lead to a thesis or capstone project. By emphasizing research and innovation, students are challenged to think critically and creatively about design concepts and explore emerging technologies to implement the skills better. The best interior design colleges usually connect strongly with the interior design industry. They may offer networking opportunities to students, which are particularly helpful when they graduate and go ahead to find meaningful jobs.


Students who wish to offset the cost of their educational programs in Canada can find the scholarship options available through various establishments. When searching for scholarships in interior design, it's going to be essential that you begin your search well in advance before reviewing eligibility criteria so that you can meet application deadlines on time. Although scholarships in this field can be limited compared to other areas, there are still opportunities available for international students, which have been discussed below:

Jobs and Careers

Interior designers can work with clients or within organizations to transform their spaces by creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Skilled interior designers are hired for their expertise by entities looking to create attractive and comfortable spaces to increase the quality of living of occupants. Due to the various specializations, the career options are also varied in this industry, leading to plenty of options after graduation to pursue rewarding career paths. One can explore the following options in Canada:  


The compensation offered to interior design graduates in Canada varies on several factors, including their previous experience, the project's location, and the specific job role. Upon graduating with a specialized program in interior design, entry-level positions can help you make around CAD 48,750 per year. With a few years of experience, interior designers can progress to intermediate roles with increased responsibilities and make around CAD 64,627 annually. Senior interior designers may even earn salaries exceeding CAD 80,000 per year, with some reaching into the six-figure range, especially in major cities.

Top Universities for Interior Design

To learn more about the best interior design courses in Canada, find details on the top ranking Art & Design universities that provide interior design degrees in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:

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Interior Design Course FAQ

How much does it cost to study interior design in Canada?

Interior design courses in Canada for international students range from CAD 20,000-40,000 per year. The exact price bracket would depend on the level of education and the specific institution and course that one is applying to. 

What are the top PG-level courses to study interior design in Canada?

A few of the top PG-level interior design courses in Canada include the thesis-based Master of Environmental Design, the Master of Interior Design, and the PG Diploma Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design. 

What is the scope of interior design in Canada?

There is a high demand for interior designers in Canada to work in various settings, such as residential buildings, commercial establishments, hospitality, healthcare, and retail spaces. As building spaces focus on sustainability and wellness, interior design graduates are increasingly pivotal in creating functional space designs.

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