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American Studies explores the history, development and diversity of one of the most powerful countries on the planet. Modules will cover topics such as music, film, politics, literature and history, describing America’s phenomenal growth as a global superpower.

The first year of study introduces students to the core American culture and history, while the second year provides the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of topics. In the third year, almost all universities will offer you an opportunity to spend a year in Canada or America before the submission of your dissertation.

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Types of American Studies Degree


In Canada, undergraduate programs in American Studies provide students with a comprehensive understanding of American culture, history, society, politics, literature, and more. These programs offer interdisciplinary perspectives and critical thinking skills to analyze and interpret various aspects of American life. Most typically include a set of core courses that introduce students to fundamental concepts, theories, and methodologies and provide a foundation upon which students can build their knowledge and analytical skills.


Master's programs offer an in-depth exploration of American culture, history, society, politics, literature, and other related disciplines. Students often have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas of American Studies based on their interests and research focus, including topics like African American studies, gender and sexuality studies, Native American studies, popular culture, transnational perspectives, urban studies, or environmental studies, among others.


A PhD in American Studies is generally expected to include a comprehensive coursework component to provide students with a broad foundation in American Studies. Students take seminars and courses that delve into advanced theoretical frameworks, research methodologies, and critical debates within the field. The centrepiece of a PhD program is the doctoral dissertation, which is an original and substantial research project that contributes new knowledge to the field of American Studies.


While American Studies is a broad field that encompasses interdisciplinary studies of American culture, history, literature, politics, and more, there may not be specific scholarships exclusively designated for American Studies programs in Canada. However, there are various scholarships available for international students pursuing graduate or undergraduate studies in related fields.

American Studies Graduate Jobs

After studying an American Studies program, graduates can pursue diverse careers that draw upon their interdisciplinary knowledge of American history, culture, society, and politics.


American Studies is an interdisciplinary field, and graduates often pursue careers in various sectors, which can impact salary ranges. Following are some examples of potential salary ranges for graduates of American Studies programs in Canada:

Study American Studies in Canada

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American Studies Course FAQ 

Is an American studies degree valid in Canada?

Yes, American studies degrees are generally recognized and accepted in Canada. However, it is important to understand that the recognition of a degree may vary depending on factors such as the educational institution, field of study, and the specific requirements set by regulatory bodies or employers in Canada.

What are some examples of American studies modules?

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores various aspects of American society, culture, history, politics, and literature. It involves studying the United States from multiple perspectives, including its history, literature, art, politics, social movements, and popular culture. 

Which course is most in demand in Canada?

The demand for specific courses in Canada can vary over time due to factors such as changing industry trends, labor market needs, and government policies. However, specific fields consistently experience high demand for skilled professionals, and currently, those include Information Technology, Healthcare and Nursing. 

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