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Top 10 Most Beautiful Canadian Universities

Last updated: 18 January 2023 Student Experience Study in Canada

Canada is globally known for its picturesque landscapes, including wonders like the Rocky Mountains, Canadian Prairies and the Yellowknife/Northwest Territories. Canada has many lakes, forests, rivers, and a diverse coastline along the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans. The country also has several national parks and other protected areas, such as Banff National Park Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains, and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

As an international student, visiting these beautiful locations will be a short journey while studying in Canada. And Canada's picturesque landscapes are not just limited to outside city limits. Many universities and colleges also benefit from being located within incredible expanses of land.

If you are considering studying in Canada, learn more about ten of its most beautiful universities and colleges below. Begin your Canadian application by arranging a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

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10 Beautiful Universities and Colleges in Canada

- University of Toronto

Among Canada's oldest universities, the architecture on the main University of Toronto campus is a mix of Gothic Revival and Romanesque, most of which was built between 1858 and 1929.

The University's main campus, located in the heart of the city, features several historic buildings, such as University College, built in 1859, and the iconic Convocation Hall, built in 1907. The University also has many green spaces, such as Queen's Park and the St. George campus, which feature several gardens and open areas.

- University of British Columbia

Situated in downtown Vancouver, with forests on three sides and a beach on the fourth, the University of British Columbia campus is a delight for international students.

The UBC Botanical Garden, Nitobe Memorial Garden, is the most authentic Japanese garden outside Japan and is considered a space of oriental tranquillity. UBC's Okanagan Campus looks out over Lake Okanagan, a favourite among water sports enthusiasts.

- McGill University

McGill University's main campus is in downtown Montreal, at the foot of Mount Royal. The buildings at the University have stone walls and pitched copper roofs and are situated on park-like campuses, offering many green spaces for the students to enjoy the local nature. The Faculty of Religious Studies is housed in a Gothic-style building with stained-glass windows. The Macdonald Campus of the university is on the Island of Montreal and sprawls over 1,600 acres with ski trails, greenhouses, and endless bike paths. 

- McMaster University

McMaster University is located in Hamilton's port city and sits within Lake Ontario's Golden Horseshoe area. As Hamilton is situated at the foot of Niagara Escarpment, the area has many beautiful spaces, some of which find a place on the university campus. The main campus has the wetland Cootes Paradise, a wildlife sanctuary, the shores of Lake Ontario, and a marshland area, all in close proximity, making the learning environment no less than a wondrous escape into nature.

- Queen's University

Queen's University was modelled on the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh, which is evident from the limestone structures adorning the campus with ornate architectural features. Queen's University is located in Kingston, the backdrop of Lake Ontario, which is among the county's best lakes. The Douglas Library at the university gives the feel of being at Hogwarts, making it even more attractive for international students.

- Western University

Western University is beautifully located on the banks of the river Thames in London, Ontario, and is among the oldest institutions in Canada. With a 1,200-acre playground of rolling hills, ivy-covered walls and Gothic limestone architecture, the university provides the perfect environment for students to feel refreshed and stay connected to each other. Plenty of green spaces and a river by the side allow students to blend in with nature in all its glory. 

- Bishop's University

Bishop's University is situated in Sherbrooke and is perfectly nestled between forests, rivers, and farms. The University has beautiful 19th-century architecture, referred to as the "Oxford on the Massawippi" because of those Gothic Revival buildings. The St. Mark's Chapel was modelled on classic college chapels like the ones at the University of Oxford, making it one of the institution's highlights.

- University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba was Western Canada's first university, founded in 1877. As it is located on the Anishinabe and Metis Traditional land, it also has the largest indigenous student body in the country. The locals describe the university as a city within a city which has traditional and modern buildings, giving a great combination of architecture to the onlookers. Plenty of green spaces with trees lining the pathways provide a natural refreshment to the students. 

- Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University has chic urban buildings that are scattered throughout Toronto. Among the choices of traditional architectural marvels till now, this university has come out as a modern masterpiece. The Student Learning Centre is an eight-storey wonder of glass, lights and open spaces, and the Ryerson Image Centre lights up like a dance floor. There is also a treat for nature lovers, with Allan Gardens only two blocks away.

- Quest University

The campus of Quest University is located in the coastal mountain community of Squamish and boasts some of the most breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and valleys (see above). All the buildings at the University have floor-to-ceiling windows, giving students the perfect views of the mountains and the surrounding areas. The campus structures have geothermal heating and cooling structures to make students feel comfortable. 

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