Applying to a Canadian University

Applying to a University in Canada

Study in Canada application process

If you want to study at a Designated Learning Institute in Canada, you will need to apply to the university or college directly.

By applying with SI-Canada, we can help you choose from thousands of courses and hundreds of universities and colleges with our free university application support.

Applying to Study in Canada

1. Choose your course and university

First you need to decide what to study and where. There are thousands of courses to choose from in Canada, including popular subjects such as business, computer science and engineering, at both bachelor's and master's level.

In total there are ten provinces in Canada, all of which have different application and entry criteria for international students. To study in Canada you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee before your application will be processed.

2. Gather your supporting documents

As part of your application, you will need proof of English language proficiency and how you will find your studies. Other paperwork commonly required by Canadian universities includes a statement of purpose, a recommendation letter, and proof of completion of previous studies via official academic transcripts.

3. Submit your application

There is no centralised service that handles university applications in Canada, so you will need to apply to universities directly. Because application fees need to be paid upon the submission of your application, make sure you are absolutely happy with what you have chosen.

4. Apply for your Study Permit

To obtain a Canadian student visa, you must make sure you apply to an institution that is on the DLI list in order to obtain your Study Permit. The application process can take up to 60 days to complete, so make sure to apply in plenty of time. 

5. Arrive in Canada

Once the above has been completed, your Study Permit has been issued and you have been accepted onto your chosen course, you can begin your new adventure. 

Study in Canada

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Increase your chances of success when applying

SI-Canada specialises in selecting the right Canadian university or college for international students by reviewing your academic background, discussing your career goals and helping you apply. Our application services can help you achieve your dream of studying in Canada.

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