Wilfrid Laurier University

Location Waterloo
Established 1911
Famous For Employer Partnerships


Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the oldest universities in Canada, having originally been founded in 1900. The University is known as a global leader in social entrepreneurship and social innovation education and has been recognised by Ashoka U. Furthermore, the University is also well-known for providing world-class academic support and education to its international student community.

Wilfrid Laurier actively promotes inclusivity on all campuses so that you can live in confidence while studying here. Personalised mental health and wellbeing resources will ensure you are supported effectively.

According to the Centre for World University Rankings, the University ranks among the top 6% of global universities across several parameters. Wilfrid Laurier offers a variety of full-time and part-time courses in subjects such as science, arts, music, and business, among others.

Wilfrid Laurier has over 900 partnerships with local industry and business, ensuring you are ready to begin your career with plenty of experience to add to your CV.

Services for International Students

Wilfrid Laurier University is known for its hospitable international student experience, and the University believes that unique backgrounds and cultures are the common thread that binds and ties everyone on its campus. However, international students are also encouraged to experience the Canadian way of life, tradition, and culture in addition to their own customs and culture.

This University has an active international student services department known as Laurier International. This department supports and facilitates the growth and development of the students within the campus and residences while adjusting to new locations, cultures, and ways of life.

Student services at Wilfrid Laurier support international students in various ways, including Canadian immigration rules and regulations, smooth transition to the study curriculum and what it is like to live in Canada. The University conducts Laurier Orientation Week to help international students become accustomed to Canada and the University.

When students arrive on campus, they are provided with a number of optional services to assist with their learning, including specialist courses in writing, maths and statistics.


According to the Centre for World University Rankings, Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada ranks among the top 6% of universities globally based on the quality of education, faculty, alumni, research performance, and employability.


Residency at Wilfrid Laurier University is more than just a place to sleep and study. The University guarantees accommodation to all undergraduate students attending for the first time. Rooms are assigned based on preference and availability.

About Location

Wilfrid Laurier University has campuses in Waterloo, Brantford and Milton and Ontario. University campuses are located in prominent cities in Canada with a wide range of interesting places to visit and activities to be done. For example, the city of Brantford is rich in history, culture, and nature, and students have the opportunity to thrive in such an environment. Flight, buses, and other means of road transport are well-connected to the university campuses.

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