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Indian Student Guide to Studying in Canada

Last updated: 22 March 2024 Study in Canada

Canada has emerged as a top choice for international students, particularly Indian students, seeking quality education and diverse experiences abroad. With its fantastic universities, cultural richness, and promising career prospects, studying in Canada offers numerous advantages for Indian students.

This guide explores the benefits, opportunities, and practical considerations for Indian students pursuing their educational aspirations in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

Studying in Canada has many benefits for Indian students, making it a top choice for pursuing higher education abroad. Here are some key advantages:

1. High-Quality Education

Canadian universities and colleges are globally renowned for their high academic standards and quality education. Degrees earned from Canadian institutions are recognized and respected worldwide, providing students a competitive edge in the global job market.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees

Compared to other popular study destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada offers relatively affordable tuition fees for international students. Additionally, numerous scholarship opportunities are available to help alleviate financial burdens.

3. Immigration Opportunities

Canada is known for its welcoming immigration policies, making it easier for international students to transition to permanent residency after completing their studies. The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows students to gain valuable work experience in Canada, which can ultimately lead to permanent residency through various immigration pathways.

4. Quality of Life

Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indexes, offering a safe, multicultural, and inclusive environment for students to live and study. Students can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle in Canada with diverse cultural experiences, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cities.

5. Employment Opportunities

Canada boasts a robust economy with ample job opportunities across various industries. International students are permitted to work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks, allowing them to gain valuable work experience and supplement their income.

6. Cultural Diversity

Canada is known for its multicultural society, welcoming people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. This cultural diversity enriches the educational experience, allowing students to learn from peers with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

7. Research Opportunities

Canadian universities are at the forefront of research and innovation, offering students access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research opportunities. Students can engage in groundbreaking research contributing to global knowledge and advancements from STEM fields to social sciences and humanities.

Universities and Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Canada is home to numerous esteemed universities and colleges that cater to the diverse academic interests of Indian students. Some of the top-ranked Canadian institutions (QS World University Rankings2024) include:

1. University of Toronto

Located in Ontario, the University of Toronto is renowned for its academic excellence and research contributions across various disciplines. Ranked 21st in the world (QS 2024), it is home to more than 2,400 Indian students.

2. McGill University

Situated in Montreal, Quebec, McGill is known for its vibrant campus life and strong emphasis on research. It offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, attracting thousands of Indian and international students.

3. University of British Columbia

Ranked 34th globally, the University of British Columbia is celebrated for its stunning campuses and innovative research initiatives. UTSAV - UBC Indian Students' Association is one of the largest student-run bodies of this kind.

4. University of Alberta

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the University of Alberta is recognized for its cutting-edge research and strong community engagement. It is ranked 111th globally and is home to hundreds of Indian students, represented by the Indian Students' Association.

5. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is renowned for its cooperative education programs and entrepreneurial spirit. UW Indian Cultural Association aims to promote Indian culture by organizing several festivals and events.

Top Courses to Study in Canada for Indian Students

Canada offers a multitude of study options across various disciplines. Some of the top courses preferred by Indian students include:

These courses are highly sought after for their relevance to current industry trends, job prospects, and opportunities for professional growth.

Admission Requirements to Study in Canada for Indian Students

To study in Canada, Indian students must fulfill certain admission requirements, including:

Cost to Study in Canada for Indian Students

The cost of studying in Canada varies depending on factors such as tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and miscellaneous costs. On average, Indian students can expect to spend between CAD 13,000 and CAD 35,000 per year on tuition fees alone. Additionally, budgeting for accommodation, transportation, food, healthcare, and other personal expenses is essential to ensure a comfortable living experience in Canada.

Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students

The below table shows the cost of living in Canada for Indian students.

Living Expense

Cost (CAD)

On-campus accommodation


Private shared accommodation


Eating out at a restaurant

CA$16 per person

A one-way ticket on local public transport


Loaf of bread


Cinema ticket


Monthly gym fee


Compulsory health insurance

CA$600-800 per year

Best Cities in Canada for Indian Students

Canada boasts several cities that are particularly popular among Indian students due to their vibrant culture, academic opportunities, and quality of life. Some of the best cities for Indian students include:

These cities offer diverse cultural experiences, excellent educational institutions, and ample employment opportunities, making them ideal destinations for Indian students pursuing higher education in Canada.

Study in Canada

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  • McGill University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of British Columbia
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