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Top 10 Business Schools in Canada

Posted 3 August 2022 Business and Management

Business and management is among the most sought-after courses in global higher education. By studying business in Canada, you’ll enter a truly international and diverse learning environment that nurtures future leaders in innovation and excellence. Teaching staff are leaders in their fields, bringing their unique and progressive views to lectures and seminars.

Through links with key players in various sectors, from tech to banking and advertising to accounting, you will secure work placements that give you a clear advantage as a graduate.

Learn more about the best business programs in Canada below (Maclean’s Canada’s Best Business Programs 2024)  and begin your application by arranging a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

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Top 10 Business Schools in Canada

1. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a renowned Canadian institution that consistently ranks among the best in the country for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and global impact. The university offers its comprehensive range of business programs through the UBC Sauder School of Business, which has taken the first position in Macleans’s Best Business Programs: University Rankings 2024

UBC Sauder, students benefit from a dynamic learning environment characterized by innovative research initiatives, experiential learning opportunities, and a diverse and inclusive community. The school's faculty members are internationally recognized experts in their fields. Students can choose from undergraduate programs with a solid foundation in business fundamentals and graduate programs offering specialized knowledge and skills in areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. The school also has executive education programs catering to professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills. All the programs are constantly evolving according to the needs of the current industry demands. 

2. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is usually ranked the top Canadian institution in all the major ranking systems. U of T offers its business programs through the Rotman School of Management, renowned globally for its academic excellence, innovation, and impactful research. Rotman offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs that are able to give transformative learning experiences to students. 

The academic programs at the school combine rigorous coursework with real-world experiential learning opportunities, which attracts talented students from diverse backgrounds to the university. The school's distinguished faculty members are leaders in their respective fields. Students can also benefit from the strong connections the school has with the business community. Rotman is also a hub for impactful research activities leading to groundbreaking solutions to tough business problems. 

3. McGill University

Among the top Canadian universities, McGill provides exceptional business programs through the Desautels Faculty of Management, founded in 1906. It is ranked as one of the best business schools globally due to the renowned academic programs that foster leadership and worldly perspectives among students. 

The university offers undergraduate and graduate business programs, including experiential learning opportunities to enhance students' creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The faculty members include some of the most prominent professors worldwide who also engage in research activities. The school also provides tailored career coaching to students, allowing them to explore various options during and after graduation. The university is also a hub for entrepreneurship and helps startups set up their businesses at all levels. 

4. Western University

Ivey Business School is the main business school at Western University in London, Ontario and maintains two teaching facilities in Toronto and Hong Kong. The school is known for establishing the country's first MBA and PhD programs in business. 

At Ivey, students benefit from a distinctive case-based learning approach that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and real-world application of business concepts. The school's renowned case method is deeply ingrained in its curriculum, allowing students to analyze complex business scenarios, make strategic decisions, and learn from real-world business challenges. Students can choose from various undergraduate and postgraduate courses besides executive education programs designed for seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Beyond the classroom, students gain global perspectives on business problems through international study trips, practicums and exchange programs. 

5. Queen's University

The Smith School of Business provides exceptional academic programs and research opportunities at Queen's University. The business school is a globally recognized institution that offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed in today's competitive business landscape.

The school has been at the forefront of developing ground-breaking programs in artificial intelligence, analytics, Fintech, team dynamics, cultural diversity and social impact. At Smith, students benefit from a transformative learning experience characterized by innovative teaching methods imparting in small-class sizes, hands-on experiential learning opportunities, and a collaborative and supportive community of students and faculty members. The research scholars at Smith collaborate with colleagues worldwide to develop innovative solutions to current business problems.

6. University of Alberta

The Alberta School of Business is one of the world’s prominent business institutions, imparting high-quality education and research opportunities to students from across the globe. The school offers business programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including master's and doctoral degrees, allowing students to specialize in their fields of interest within business. 

Students who choose to study at the Alberta School of Business are supported to thrive in an environment where innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are encouraged. The school is also known for its research capabilities and innovative solutions to business problems. To study macro and micro organizational behaviour, students can specialize in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations and Information Systems, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management. They can also access various Career Services to build their skills and explore career options during and after graduation.

7. York University

The Schulich School of Business at York University is one of Canada's leading business schools, renowned for its innovative programs, global perspective, and commitment to excellence. Schulich offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs, including MBA, IMBA, and specialized master's degrees in finance, marketing, and business analytics. 

Students at Schulich can receive immense benefits due to the curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning, interdisciplinary study, and international exposure. The school's strong network of corporate partners, alumni, and faculty additionally contribute to its reputation for producing highly sought-after graduates by employers worldwide. The school also supports the spirit of entrepreneurship through Schulich Startups, which has, to date, supported more than 150 business ventures of students and alumni members.

8. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers its educational programs in business through the Haskayne School of Business. Established in 1967, Haskayne offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs, including the Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, and specialized master's degrees in finance, entrepreneurship, and supply chain management.

Haskayne's curriculum integrates theory with real-world application, providing students with hands-on learning experiences, case studies, and industry projects. The school's strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability prepares graduates to thrive in diverse business environments and tackle complex challenges. Students can also access internship and job opportunities due to the school's close ties to industry leaders, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The school is committed to ethical leadership and social responsibility, which allows graduates to make meaningful contributions to society while achieving professional success.

9. University of Montreal

HEC Montreal is the business school at the University of Montreal, known as one of Canada's foremost business schools. The bilingual school offers more than 150 undergraduate and postgraduate management programs students can pursue in English or French. Many continuing education opportunities are also available for working professionals to enhance their leadership skills and business acumen. 

At HEC Montreal, students can study exceptional educational programs, some of which also include experiential learning opportunities. The faculty members are renowned for their expertise and contributions to research, bringing expert insights and real-world experience into the classroom. The school's diverse and multicultural student body enriches students' learning experience by fostering collaboration, creativity, and cross-cultural understanding. Students also get to undertake international study trips and network with industry leaders throughout their university years.

10. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo provides high-quality education through the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, which is renowned for offering an immersive experience for entrepreneurs. Students can take up undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the school, most of which are entrepreneurial by design. 

The university is known for its innovative approach to education on all levels, so it has implemented the same strategy for the business school. Students at Conrad get study options that enhance their practical knowledge and relevant skills with which they can succeed in today's innovation-driven business world. The faculty members at the university are experts in their field and bring forth a wealth of knowledge through their experience in the business world.  

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