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最終更新: 3 August 2022 Business and Management Canadian Course Guide

Business and Management is one of the most sought-after courses in global higher education and by studying business in Canada, you’ll enter a truly international and diverse learning environment that nurtures future leaders in innovation and excellence. Teaching staff are leaders in their fields, bringing their unique and progressive views to lectures and seminars.

Through links with key players in a wide variety of sectors, from tech to banking and advertising to accounting, you will secure work placements that give you a clear advantage as a graduate.

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Four of the Best Business Schools in Canada

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers management courses that enhance the skills of the students. The Business Management course is a perfectly designed toolkit for students, including vital subjects such as human resources, basic accounting, business processes, and marketing as part of its module plan.

The course is ideal for students who want to study the basic concepts of managing a successful business. The courses also strengthen students' skills in multitasking, managerial, and professional communication. The fundamentals of management subjects cover corporate governance of Canada and the structure of the corporations.

The University is on top of the list of universities in Canada, mainly focussing on improving the students' habits of decision-making and analysis. The courses are designed to teach the students theories and practical applications.

University of British Columbia

The Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia creates a firm foundation for business and management skills. The course focuses on enhancing leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and the process of organising activities. Students can pick the subjects according to their preferences. This enables them to understand the purpose of each subject and pick the right course to support their career.

University of Western Ontario

Western University offers an HBA-Ivey course designed especially for undergraduate students. The benefits of the Business and Management course are the numerous case studies through which students will understand how to replicate real-life success stories.

More than 400 business case studies are chosen to spark students' thinking and imagination. The university believes in motivating students to solve practical issues while giving valuable feedback on their business and management skills.

University of Alberta

Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta is aimed to empower undergraduate students. The university combines old school knowledge with new-age thinking and transforms it into new school thinking. The aim of the course is to turn students into future leaders of the business world.

The evolution of the business industry gives an in-depth insight into the development of management practices. The course offers 11 subjects popular in the industry. Students can pick six major courses and two electives, which will be the minor subjects.

The course also develops students' personal skills and improves their technical talents. The course offers subjects such as International Business, Operations Management, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, and Organisational Culture.

Study Business in Canada

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