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What is the Post Study Work Permit in Canada?

Last updated: 22 January 2024 Student Study Permit

As the Canadian government has welcoming immigration policies, most of which give better chances to international students who have studied in Canada, each year, thousands of students from all over the world come to study in Canada with hopes of becoming permanent residents and eventual citizens of the Great White North. 

This is possible because of the post-study work permit. The post-study work Permit allows international students to stay in the country for up to 3 years after finishing their studies, giving them a chance to gain professional experience. The work experience and the study duration get counted in the permanent residence application, increasing the chances of candidates becoming permanent residents after some time. All these aspects make Canada a desirable destination for international students. Getting a work permit after studying in Canada can be one of the best options to make Canada your home in the long run.

Learn more below and begin your application to study in Canada. If you have further questions on the post-study work permit, answer them by arranging a free consultation with SI-Canada.

post study work permit in canada

Benefits of Post-Study Work Permit in Canada

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada is a valuable immigration initiative by the Canadian government that allows international students who have graduated from eligible Canadian institutions to work there for a specified period after completing their studies. The PGWP Canada is the next logical step for students who want to enter the Canadian workforce. 

1. Work experience

The PGWP in Canada allows graduates to gain valuable Canadian work experience, greatly benefiting them with future career opportunities and long-term settlement in the country. Additionally, working in Canada will enable them to develop and apply skills acquired during their academic program, enhancing their professional capabilities and competitiveness in the global job market.

2. Eligibility for permanent residency

This is one of the most significant benefits, which is why students are attracted to studying in Canada. The Canadian work experience gained through these years after graduation can significantly enhance eligibility for various immigration pathways, such as the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), facilitating the transition to permanent residency in Canada

3. Open work authorization

The PGWP is an open work permit, which is an excellent opportunity for students to work and live in Canada. It allows graduates to work for any employer in Canada and switch jobs without needing a new work permit until their PSWP is valid. 

4. Networking opportunities

Working in Canada enables graduates to build professional networks and connections within their industry, which can be instrumental for career growth and advancement. Students who leave their countries to study in Canada need an impressive network, as it can help them settle in the country with connections that can help in future job placements. 

Eligibility Criteria for PGWP

To be eligible for getting a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada, international students must meet specific criteria, which are mentioned below:

Who Can Apply for the Post-Study Work Visa in Canada?

International students who come to study in Canada with a valid study permit to pursue a course of more than eight months can apply for a post-study work visa in Canada. The course must be from a designated learning institution (DLI), and the student must be admitted to the course full-time to gain this particular visa. The applicant must also have maintained valid temporary resident status in Canada throughout their study program, including a valid study permit. 

Post Study Work Visa Canada Duration

The duration of the post-study work permit is typically linked to the length of the program completed by a student, with a maximum validity period of three years. It also must be understood that graduates of programs with less than eight months are not eligible for the PGWP. Students who take up courses between eight months and two years receive a PGWP valid for a period equal to the length of their program. Graduates from study programs of two years or more are eligible for a PGWP, valid for three years. So, consider the duration of your study program before applying to study in Canada to get the opportunity to stay back for the desired number of years. 

Post Study Work Visa Canada Requirements

The requirements for getting the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada include the following:

Eligible Levels Of Study

To be eligible for the post-study work Visa in Canada, international students must have completed a specific program of study at an eligible designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. The eligibility is generally determined by the level and type of program completed by a student, which are discussed below:

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