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Master's in Canada for Indian Students

Last updated: 10 May 2024 Canadian Course Guide Masters Courses

In a competitive global marketplace, pursuing a master’s degree sets you apart from other job candidates. It brings out the best in academics, skills, and performance. Masters in Canada can open up opportunities for Indian students in different fields. With its world-class universities, diverse environment, and robust job market, graduates can consider the place for career growth.

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master's in canada for india students

Why Study a Master's in Canada?

Students often enter master's programs to start careers in their chosen professional field. However, studying in Canadian universities can help them expand their knowledge and skills relevant to their current specialization.

  1. A master's degree sets you apart from other students
  2. With a master’s degree, you are eligible for more job opportunities
  3. Postgraduate programs allow you to become more professionalized, focusing on preparing graduates for careers in business, healthcare, public affairs, and education
  4. Master's programs in Canada combine discipline-specific, advanced coursework with critical thinking, analytical ability, and time management skills, which will be reflected in your career

Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirements to pursue MS in Canada for Indian students include the following:

Cost of Studying Master’s in Canada

The cost of studying for a master’s in Canada for Indian students depends on the course and university they are applying to. The cost ranges from CAD 9364 (INR 575553.20) to CAD 45,800 (INR 2815072.27). Here is a breakdown of university tuition fees for Indian students.

Course Name

Postgraduate Tuition Fees (in CAD/INR)


$13,742 (INR 844644.61)

Veterinary medicine

$9364 (INR 575553.20)


$33,424 (INR 2054388.11)


$16,065 (INR 987426.55)


$12,585 (INR 773530.23)


$15,315 (INR 941328.20)

Executive MBA

$45,800 (INR 2815072.27)

Business Management

$19,157 (INR 1177474.66)

Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students

The average cost of living for international students in Canada is between CAD 15,000 and CAD 20,000, which is around INR 921966.90 to INR 1229289.20, depending on the lifestyle and preferences. However, here is a breakdown of the cost of living in Canada for international aspirants.


CAD 400 to CAD 600 (INR 24585.78 to INR 36878.68)


CAD 100 to CAD 250 (INR 6146.45 to INR 15366.11)


CAD 200 to CAD 300 (INR 12292.89 to INR 18439.34)


CAD 30 to CAD 50 (INR 1843.93 to INR 3073.22)


CAD 600 to CAD 700 (INR 36878.68 to CAD 43025.12)

Top Master’s Courses in Canada

Canadian universities offer various postgraduate courses in different specializations for international students. Here are some top master's degrees delivered by Canadian universities.


Popular Courses

University of Toronto

Material science, cell biology, immunology, arts, history, psychology, ecology and evolutionary, geography and planning

University of British Columbia

Forestry, social science, geography, biotechnology, and microbiology

University of Alberta

Electrical and electronic engineering, energy and fuels, food technology, geoscience, and hepatology

McMaster University

Health Science, Clinical Medicine, Nursing and Statistics, Civil Engineering, and Transportation Science

University of Calgary

Neuroscience, Hospitality and Leisure Management, Tourism Management, Anatomy and Physiology, and Pharmaceutical Science

McGill University

Mineral and mining, anatomy and physiology

University of Ottawa

Kinesiology, Sports, Clinical Counseling, Business Administration and Management, and Operations

Queen’s University

Engineering, Physics, Commerce, Mental health, and data analytics

Lakehead University

Computer Science

University of Calgary

Tourism management, anatomy and physiology, petroleum engineering, and pharmaceutical science

Intakes in Canada

Canadian universities offer three types of admission intakes for international students:

However, the availability of the intakes can vary depending on the university and specific program of study. 

Master’s Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students

Canada offers various scholarships to Indian students to pursue their higher education.

Scholarship name

Award value

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

CAD 25,596.81 (INR 25596.81)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,000 (INR 614717.30 to INR 1229434.60)

IDRC Research Awards

CAD 15,358 (INR 944082.83)

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship


JN Tata Endowment Scholarship

CAD 1832 to CAD 18,315 (INR 112616.21 to INR 1125854.73) 

Career Options after Master’s in Canada

Canada has a robust job market with many career opportunities for skilled professionals. Globally recognized companies and organizations seek highly skilled employers from top-notch Canadian universities. Here is a list of in-demand careers after a master’s degree and their average pay scale.

Job role

Average pay scale

Marketing analyst

CAD 51,000 (INR 3135058.23)


CAD 1,78,000 (INR 10941967.94)

Finance Executive

CAD 1,23,000 (INR 7561022.79)

Business Analyst

CAD 78,574 (INR 4830079.71)

Civil Engineer

CAD 1,01,000 (INR 6214791.90)

Work Permit after Master’s in Canada

A work permit in Canada is applicable for students whose course duration is at least 18 months. A postgraduate work program (PGWP) in Canada is for three years. Students who hold PGWP can work for any company in Canada for a maximum duration of three years. To apply for a work permit, you must apply within 180 days. 

Study a Master’s in Canada

If you are an Indian student considering a master's in Canada, contact SI-Global today to arrange a free consultation. Our educational consultants will discuss your study options and help you apply. 

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