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Studying an Interior Design Course in Vancouver

Last updated: 5 February 2024 Art and Design Study in British Columbia

Vancouver's commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with the growing importance of eco-friendly design practices, allowing students to engage with environmentally conscious design principles while creating aesthetic environments. Studying interior design in Vancouver means taking advantage of great universities and colleges that teach the subject and the many great opportunities for internships and networking within the design industry, helping you build a strong foundation in interior design. 

Learn more about studying interior design in Vancouver below, and if you want to apply, contact SI-Global today for a free consultation.

interior design courses in vancouver

Best Interior Design Colleges in Vancouver

Vancouver has several well-regarded institutions offering the country's best interior design programs. When selecting an interior design college, students must consider factors such as the institution's specific program specialization, faculty expertise, facilities, and industry connections. You need to find which aspects are most important to you and, according to those factors, finalize the institution that aligns with your career aspirations and preferences. The following institutions are known across the world for their high-quality education and training modules in the field:

Top Interior Design Courses in Vancouver

To gain a high-quality education with practical training in the field, you can choose from the following top interior design courses in Vancouver:

Course Institution
Bachelor of Interior Design British Columbia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Interior Design Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Interior Design Vancouver Island University
Diploma in Interior Design LaSalle College Vancouver
Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design LaSalle College Vancouver
Diploma in Interior Design Visual College of Art and Design

How much do Interior Design Schools cost in Vancouver?

Diploma courses in interior design usually charge tuition fees ranging from CAD 10,000 to 30,000 per year, and the duration of these programs can be around 1 to 2 years. The bachelor's degree programs run for four years and include internship periods. The tuition fees for these courses can range from CAD 17,000- 40,000 per year. Students who wish to enhance their knowledge can take up graduate programs, which can be studied for two years.

During this time, the tuition fees that international students need to pay can be around CAD 11,000-40,000 depending on the specialization and the particular institute that students are choosing. The total cost would be calculated by multiplying a year's tuition fees with the course's duration.

Vancouver Interior Design course eligibility

As an international student wishing to study interior design in Canada, you must meet certain eligibility requirements to start your academic journey.

To study for diploma or certificate courses after 12th grade, students must showcase their high school diploma or an international equivalent. The same academic background would be needed to pursue a bachelor's degree in interior design. For a master's degree, students would need a bachelor's degree in interior design, which can serve as a strong foundation for the advanced level of education that will be imparted at the graduate level. Specific interior design programs may also require the students to have completed prerequisite courses in art, design, or mathematics.

Canada has two major languages, English and French, and most educational programs are available in both languages. Language proficiency is required to pursue a course in a specific language, and students would need to present standardized test scores in either of the languages as part of the admission process. This is a common requirement that needs to be fulfilled at all levels of education in Canada. Most interior design programs often require a portfolio showcasing your creative work and design projects.


The cost of studying interior design can lead to a significant financial burden on students and their families. In such scenarios, the scholarship and funding options available for students are highly beneficial. You could explore the following scholarships as international students to pursue interior design courses in Canada:

Career Opportunities

After studying interior design, graduates are presented with a rich tapestry of career opportunities in this city, known for its design vibrancy. Graduates can choose careers to take up positions of interior designers, whether in residential or commercial spaces, specializing in areas such as sustainable design, hospitality, kitchen and bath, or healthcare design. The city's growing emphasis on sustainability also provides promising avenues for eco-conscious designers. 

Fresh graduates can also find career opportunities in related fields and work as furniture and lighting designers, set designers for the entertainment industry, and real estate stagers. For those aspiring to share their knowledge and passion in the field, opportunities as design educators are also prevalent in the city, where they can teach at educational institutions to create an empowered generation of interior designers for the future.

Study Interior Design in Vancouver

If you want to pursue interior design courses in Vancouver, book a free consultation with SI-Global today to learn more about the best options available.

Universities featured in this article:

  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Langara College
  • LaSalle College
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