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Canada Immigration Medical Exam Report Guide

Last updated: 12 February 2024 Student Study Permit

The journey to immigrating to Canada, whether as a student, temporary worker or permanent resident, is filled with numerous steps and requirements. One of the most important steps in the process is the Canada immigration medical exam report, which can make or break your application. This medical examination is a crucial component of the immigration process, ensuring the health and well-being of immigrants and Canadians.

All applicants wanting to go to Canada, particularly those going through the permanent residency program, must undergo a medical test. The purpose of this medical exam is to protect the health and safety of both the Canadian population and immigrants themselves. This medical examination is designed to identify individuals with medical conditions that could potentially threaten public health and safety or result in excessive demands on the Canadian healthcare system. By screening applicants for communicable diseases and other medical conditions, the Canadian government aims to ensure that immigrants entering the country do not carry diseases that could spread within the population or burden the healthcare system. Additionally, the medical exam helps identify individuals who might require medical attention shortly after arriving in Canada, thus promoting the overall well-being of immigrants as they start their new lives there.

Keep reading ahead to find all the relevant details that you must know about the medical exam.

canada immigration medical exam

The Medical Exam for Canada Immigration

The Canada immigration medical exam report is mandatory for individuals who plan to immigrate to Canada and intend to live there for more than six months. Several categories of individuals are required to undergo a medical exam for Canadian immigration, and this is mandatory for:

- When should I take the Medical Exam?

It's advisable to undergo the Canada immigration medical exam as soon as you receive a formal request from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or your visa office. This request is typically issued after you have submitted your application for permanent residence or other immigration programs.

Once you receive the request, you should promptly schedule your IRCC medical exam. Keep in mind that the medical exam results are generally valid for one year from the exam date. However, the validity period might be shorter if specific health concerns are identified. To ensure that your medical exam results remain valid throughout the processing of your application, it's recommended to schedule the exam early in the process.

Waiting until later in the application process to complete the medical exam can result in delays, as the processing of your application cannot proceed until IRCC receives the medical examination results. Therefore, to avoid any unnecessary setbacks, it's best to complete the medical examination as soon as you receive the request and, ideally, before submitting your application.

What to expect during the Medical Exam

The medical exam test list is intended to identify any medical conditions among applicants that could pose some form of threat to public health or safety, or that might cause excessive demands on the Canadian healthcare system. The examination covers a range of health-related aspects, including:

Submitting the Canada Immigration Medical Exam Report

Submitting the Canada immigration medical exam report is an important step in the immigration process. After you have completed the medical examination with a DMP, you will need to follow these steps to submit the report to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

  1. Receive the sealed envelope: After completing the medical examination, the DMP will provide you with a sealed envelope containing your medical exam results, X-ray images, and other relevant documents. Do not open this envelope; it must remain sealed for the results to be considered valid.
  2. Include the envelope in your application: When you are applying through the online portal, you might be prompted to upload the scanned copies of your documents, including the sealed envelope. If you are applying through a paper application, you should include a sealed envelope and other documents.
  3. Submit required information: During the application process, you must provide information about the medical examination, including the name and contact details of the Designated Medical Practitioner who conducted the exam.
  4. Declaration: You might also need to sign a declaration or provide information confirming that you have completed the required medical examination and that the information provided is accurate.
  5. Follow IRCC instructions: You must follow the specific instructions provided in your application package or on the IRCC website for how to submit the medical exam results. Depending on your application method, this might include uploading documents online, mailing them, or providing them in person at an IRCC office.


How long does it take IRCC to review medical results?

The time it takes for IRCC to review medical results can generally vary depending on multiple factors such as the volume of applications with IRCC, the complexity of individual cases, and any additional documentation required. Generally, medical results are processed within a few weeks to a few months, but processing times can fluctuate. 

How do I get a medical report for Canadian immigration?

To obtain a medical report for Canadian immigration, you must schedule a medical examination with a DMP approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), who will conduct a comprehensive medical assessment. After the exam, the DMP will provide you with a sealed envelope containing your medical results and relevant documents, which you must submit as per IRCC instructions as part of your immigration application.

Does Insurance Canada cover the immigration medical exam?

No, the immigration medical exam for Canada is not typically covered by the national health insurance plan (Medicare) or private health insurance. The cost of the medical examination is the main applicant's responsibility and must be paid directly to the Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) conducting the exam. The fee varies depending on the country and the medical practitioner, so it's important to inquire about the cost when scheduling the examination.

How can I track my medical report?

You can track the status of the medical report and overall immigration application through your online account on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. Once logged in, you can access your application status, view any updates or notifications, and check whether your medical report has been reviewed. IRCC will provide updates on the progress of your application, including the status of your medical examination results, allowing you to stay informed throughout the immigration process.

What is the cost of a medical exam for immigration in Canada?

The cost of a medical exam for immigration in Canada usually varies depending on factors such as the country where the examination is conducted, the specific Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) chosen, and the examination scope. Fees can include the medical examination and any required tests, X-rays, and administrative charges. It's advisable to check the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or contact the nearest DMP office to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the medical exam cost for your immigration application.

What are the things that would make you fail a Canadian immigration medical exam?

Failing a Canadian immigration medical exam can result from conditions like communicable diseases (e.g., active TB, HIV), extensive healthcare needs, potential danger to public safety due to mental health or criminal history, excessive demands on healthcare services, insufficient immunization, or health and social service concerns. These factors might lead to inadmissibility as they could pose risks to the overall public health and safety or burden the healthcare system. It's essential to consult a Designated Medical Practitioner or seek legal advice if concerned about potential medical inadmissibility.

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