Douglas College

Location Vancouver
Established 1970
Famous For Small Class Sizes


Douglas College, located in British Columbia, was founded in 1970. The College is named after Sir James Douglas (The Former British Columbia Governor). Douglas hosts more than 100 degree programs and students are taught by over 960 experienced teaching faculty to get a hands-on, real-world education experience.

A total of 25,000 students study at Douglas College, over 3,700 of which are international from 90+ countries.

The College has a diploma and other limited enrolment programs that cover an extensive curriculum and require program-specific eligibility to be met. Some of the top programs at Douglas College are Post Diploma, Marketing, Post Diploma, International Business Management, Diploma, Financial Services Management, Diploma, Accounting, Certificate, Accounting, and many more.

The Douglas College campus has numerous facilities such as a gym, a small box theatre, a coaching room, shipping and receiving services, a large 300-seat proscenium theatre, a pleasing campus environment and nursing with a professional staff.

Services for International Students

Douglas offers English programs to those who need to improve their English ahead of study. Studying English as a second language at Douglas College will quickly prepare you to meet Douglas College admission requirements.

The Douglas College’s Career Centre team to help with job opportunities, career training, resources, coaching and connections with employer partners.  Douglas College has many events, clubs and sports that allow you to connect with fellow students, get exercise and have fun.


Douglas College does not offer any on-campus accommodation, but can assist students with finding suitable living off-campus.

About Location

Douglas College has three campuses in Vancouver. The New Westminster Campus, Anvil Centre Campus, and the David Lam Campus provide academic and administrative facilities to their students. Furthermore, the campus has a fitness centre, print shop, parking facilities, bookstore, HVAC (heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Systems), cafeteria, and multiple labs for different subjects.

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