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Why Study at McGill University in Canada?

Posted 14 September 2022 Canadian University Guide Study in Quebec

McGill University is one of Canada's most widely admired universities, with alumni including Justin Trudeau, Canada’s 23rd prime minister since 2015, and novelist, poet, singer, and songwriter Leonard Cohen.

An English-language public university located in Montreal, McGill was founded in 1821, and today, McGill University has become a world-class institution of higher education, attracting students from all over the world. 

The main McGill campus is situated on the slopes of Mount Royal in downtown Montreal, providing a vibrant and culturally rich environment. The city itself is known for its diverse population, lively arts scene, and a mix of English and French cultures;. At the same time, the primary language of instruction is English; being in Montreal means that students can experience a bilingual environment, as Montreal is a bilingual city with English and French as official languages.

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Six Reasons to Choose McGill University

1. It is a center of academic excellence

McGill University is a distinguished center of academic excellence, consistently earning high global recognition. Impressively securing the 30th position in the QS World University Rankings further solidifies its standing by being ranked 54th in Best Global Universities by US News and an impressive 3rd in the Best Global Universities in Canada category. The Times Higher Education (THE) has recognized McGill's academic prowess by placing it 49th in the World University Rankings 2024 and within the top 101–200 in Impact Rankings 2022. Additionally, the university holds the 50th position in the World Reputation Rankings 2022.

McGill University also consistently attracts the most talented students, reflected in its status as the leading Canadian university with the highest average entering grades. With its six largest faculties, encompassing Science, Arts, Medicine, Engineering, Education, and Management, McGill University maintains an undisputed reputation for academic prowess, a testament to its sustained excellence for over 17 years.

2. A truly diverse university

With students coming from more than 150 countries to join the University at various levels, McGill is an institution that houses thousands of international students. Around 30% of the student population at McGill is overseas.

McGill is also the country's most internationally diverse medical doctoral university, as around 30% of the students hail from all parts of the world. It is prevalent for all students to have friends from various walks of life, making the learning experience all the more fun.

3. A rich legacy of notable alumni

McGill University proudly counts among its alumni and faculty members 12 Nobel Laureates along with 147 Rhodes Scholars, both of which are the highest for any Canadian university.

The current Canadian PM graduated from McGill, and in total, McGill alumni include 8 foreign leaders, 8 Academy Award winners, 10 Grammy Award winners, and around 13 Emmy Award winners. It is also interesting to note that the inventors of the game of basketball, modern organized ice hockey, and the pioneers of gridiron football were also McGillians. 

4. Leaders in research and innovation

With a vision to support and enhance a university-wide research and innovation environment, McGill University remains at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation. It is a premier research-intensive university that partners with relevant stakeholders to achieve advancements in knowledge discoveries that benefit the world at large.

McGill researchers are affiliated with more than 75 major research centers and networks. The University also has one of the largest patent portfolios among the universities in Canada.

5. Scholarship opportunities 

Carrying forward the legacy of academic excellence with responsible governing of student interests, McGill University has an array of scholarships that are awarded to native as well as international students. The Scholarships and Student Aid Office at the University ensures that qualified students from all geographic locations are financially supported in their goals to enter and complete their education at the University.

In 2019, McGill University received the most significant gift in Canadian history from McCall MacBain Scholarships, which amounted to $200 million. These fully-funded scholarships became Canada’s first comprehensive and leadership-driven scholarships for master’s and professional degree students.

6. Great location

McGill University's prime location in Montreal, Quebec, contributes significantly to its appeal. The campus is centrally situated, offering students proximity to cultural, recreational, and culinary delights. The renowned Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood, just a stone's throw away, beckons with eclectic cafes, boutiques, and a vibrant arts scene. The bustling Saint Catherine Street, a central shopping hub, provides students with retail therapy and entertainment. Students can also explore the historic charm of Old Montreal, replete with cobblestone streets and architectural gems. 

Montreal, recognized as the 10th best place globally for university students, ensures a dynamic lifestyle. The city hosts numerous festivals, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs, fostering a rich cultural experience. The university's location enhances the educational journey, providing students with a uniquely enriching environment.

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