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Jobs for International Students While Studying in Canada

Last updated: 15 May 2023 Student Study Permit Working as a Student

Canada offers many employment opportunities to international students who wish to gain practical work experience and earn extra cash while studying. According to governmental rules, international students can work up to 20 hours weekly during regular academic sessions and work full-time during scheduled breaks, such as the summer and winter holidays. This is one of the primary reasons Canada has become an attractive study abroad destination for international students, many of whom sponsor segments of their education through their work while studying. 

The Canadian government also provides a post graduation work permit program, which allows students to work in Canada for up to three years after completing their respective study programs, particularly for students who have done a course for two or more years. This arrangement provides students with valuable work experience and allows them to apply for permanent residency in Canada after their post-study work visa expires.

Canada's multicultural society also provides a rich environment for students to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and develop a deeper understanding of different cultures. Employment opportunities available to international students in Canada are a significant draw for many students seeking to further their education and broaden their horizons in the professional world. 

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jobs for students in canada

Jobs for Students in Canada

Visa Requirements to Work in Canada While Studying

International students in Canada can work on or off campus while studying, subject to certain conditions and restrictions laid down by the government. To work in Canada while studying, international students must obtain a study permit that authorizes them to work.

International students can usually work part-time for up to 20 hours during regular academic sessions and full-time at other times. However, some programs may have different rules, and it is essential to check with the specific institution or program for more information. To obtain a study permit that allows you to work as an international student while pursuing your studies, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Acceptance into a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada.
  2. Proof of financial support to cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and return transportation.
  3. Medical examination to demonstrate good health.
  4. Police clearance certificate to show you have no criminal record.
  5. Completion of the application process, including submission of all required documents.

Once the study permit is issued, international students may apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada, which is required for working in Canada. After these documents are ready, you can apply to work during your study program. You can look for jobs outside your educational institution or on campus also if those job openings are available at your university or college. 

10 Part-time Jobs for Students in Canada

There are various part-time jobs available for students in Canada. The following are the major options that international students can choose:

  1. Tutoring: Many students opt for tutoring other students as part-time job. They can offer their services to other students who need extra help in subjects they excel in.
  2. Retail: Retail stores, such as department stores and supermarkets, are often looking for part-time staff to work during the evenings and weekends.
  3. Food services: Restaurants and cafes always need part-time staff to wait tables, serve food, and prepare drinks.
  4. Call centre: Call centres are often looking for part-time staff to work evenings and weekends, and students with good communication skills can take up this job. 
  5. Delivery services: Companies like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes hire part-time drivers to deliver food. You may need your own transportation and a valid driver's license. 
  6. Customer service: Many companies have part-time customer service positions, either in-person or online.
  7. Freelancing: Students can offer their services as freelancers in writing, graphic design, or social media management. Many of these jobs can be found that are related to the subject that is being studied, which makes for a great experience in the field. 
  8. Campus jobs: Many universities and colleges offer part-time jobs, such as in the library or at the gym. This also means that the students will not have to go elsewhere to do their work, which is a bonus. 
  9. Babysitting: Babysitting is a popular part-time job for students, who can often choose their hours and rates.
  10. Data entry: Companies may have part-time positions for data entry or other administrative tasks.

These are the most popular part-time job options available for international students. Some of these can also lead to better positions in the same company if they like your work ethic and capabilities. 

Internships and Placements

Canada offers international students several internships, research assistant and placement opportunities, providing them with valuable work experience and the opportunity to gain practical skills in their respective fields. Generally, your university or college's Career Development Services Department can help with these work opportunities during your study program and even afterwards. Some of the internship and placement options available for international students in Canada are:

  1. Co-operative Education (Co-op) Programs: Several Canadian universities offer co-operative education programs in multiple subjects, which allows students to combine their academic studies with paid work experience in their field of study. These programs are offered in various areas, including business, engineering, technology, etc.
  2. Internship Programs: Many Canadian organizations offer internships to international students, providing them with valuable work experience and exposure to the Canadian workplace. Internships can be paid or unpaid accordingly, ranging from a few weeks to several months. 
  3. Research Internships: Several Canadian universities offer research internships to international students, allowing them to work alongside leading researchers and gain practical skills in their field of study.
  4. Professional Year Programs: Some professional organizations in Canada offer professional year programs, which provide international students with practical training and work experience in their field of study. These programs can help students develop the skills and expertise needed to launch a successful career in Canada.
  5. Volunteer Work: Many Canadian organizations offer volunteer opportunities to international students, providing them with valuable work experience and the opportunity to give back to the community. Volunteer work can also help international students develop practical skills and network with potential employers. 

International students should explore the various work opportunities in the country and take advantage of them to enhance their career prospects in Canada. The work experience they gain during their study years also gets counted when they apply for permanent residence, proving to be added benefit.

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