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Why Study a 1-Year Master's in Canada?

Last updated: 11 December 2023 Masters Courses

According to Canadian Bureau of International Education reports, Canada is ranked 3rd for the largest number of international students. Among the popular pathways for international students is the option of 1-year master's programs in Canada that are offered by all major institutions in various fields.

There are numerous advantages to studying a postgraduate course in Canada. Completing a master's degree in a shorter duration appeals to those seeking a swift academic path, and you can also graduate sooner, providing an edge in terms of career progression and earning potential. The intensive nature of one-year programs, with minimal breaks, is favoured by those who prefer a fast-paced academic experience.

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1 year master's degree in canada

Why Pursue a 1-Year Master's in Canada?

Pursuing a one-year master's program in Canada offers a range of compelling advantages for international students, making it an attractive option for those seeking an efficient and impactful academic experience.

1. Accelerated study timeline

One of the primary benefits is the condensed time frame offered to students while pursuing these courses. Completing a master's degree in just one year allows students to acquire advanced knowledge and relevant skills swiftly, reducing the overall duration of their academic journey before moving toward their career goals.

2. Cost-effective

A shorter program duration would directly translate to reduced tuition fees and other living expenses, making a 1-year graduate program a more cost-effective option for international students. This can significantly contribute to managing overall education-related expenditures for them.

3. Immediate entry into the workforce

Graduates can enter the workforce sooner, gaining a competitive edge in the job market after completing these courses. The accelerated nature of these programs facilitates a quicker transition from academic studies to professional practice.

4. Focused specialization

Most 1-year master's programs in Canada have a specific focus embedded in the curriculum, allowing students to delve deeply into their chosen field of study without the extended time commitment of other courses.

5. Networking opportunities

Despite the shorter duration, 1-year master's provides ample networking opportunities to students, who get to connect with professors, industry professionals, and fellow students, establishing valuable contacts for future career prospects in Canada.

Top Courses Available for 1-year MS in Canada

Although many institutions offer 1-year MS programs in Canada, some courses are in greater demand due to the subject's popularity among students. Some of the most popular courses available for one year of duration are:

Top Universities for 1-year Master's in Canada

The top Canadian universities, per the QS World University Rankings 2024 and their popular one-year master's programs, are below. 

University 1- Year Master's Program
University of Toronto One year Executive MBA
University of Toronto One year Executive MBA
McGill University Master of Management in Finance
University of British Columbia Master of Data Science
University of Alberta Master of Business Administration
University of Waterloo Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements

Candidates are generally required to have a completed bachelor's degree from a recognized institution; this undergraduate degree should be in a relevant field of study related to the intended master's program. Some specialized programs, like an MBA, may have a minimum GPA requirement to enter, along with GMAT or GRE test scores. If you completed your education outside of Canada, you must also check whether the institution requires a credential evaluation to assess the equivalence of your international qualifications. All international students must also provide proficiency scores in either English or French.

Apart from these major requirements, certain programs or universities may also have an interview as part of the admission process. The university assesses your academic and research interests and motivation for pursuing a particular degree through this interview.

Admission Process

Following the admission process is essential for students from the beginning, as many steps are involved to secure their spot at the preferred institution and program. Though these steps may have a few variations by the university, commonalities exist in the procedure, and those are discussed below:

  1. Research the institutions and study options: As there are many institutions in Canada that provide the option to pursue 1- year master's programs, you will have to start researching the best universities and colleges along with the course of your interest.
  2. Preparation of application: After you have all the information, gather the necessary documents the institution needs to process your application. 
  3. Submit the application form: When all the documents are gathered, fill out and submit the application form by the deadline mentioned on the university’s website. During this step, you may also need to pay an application fee. 
  4. Prepare for the interview: As some programs may require interviews as part of the admission process, you must prepare for the potential questions that might be related to your academic and career goals. 
  5. Receive admission decision: Once your application has been sent, you can monitor its progress frequently, and after the university reviews are done, you can receive an admission decision.
  6. Accept the offer: If you do receive an acceptance letter, you must carefully review the terms and conditions of the admission. Once your decision is final, you can follow the university's instructions to confirm your enrollment by paying any required tuition deposit.
  7. Apply for the study permit: Just receiving an acceptance letter from the university is not enough for your study-abroad dreams to come true. You must apply for a study permit from the Canadian government with all the documents, including the acceptance letter. 
  8. Arrive for your program: When your study permit is approved, you can plan to arrive in Canada. 

One Year Master's Scholarships

Even though the financial commitment to study in Canada is lower than in other major countries, some programs in specific locations can still burden international students on a budget. There are several funding options available to students through various mediums, the major ones discussed below: 

Job Prospects

The job prospects for international students after completing a one-year master's program in Canada can be promising, and the country provides various opportunities for graduates to launch their careers after their studies. Graduates can apply for a post-graduation work permit, which allows them to work in the country for a duration equivalent to the length of their program. 

As the Canadian economy has a high demand for skilled professionals in various sectors, graduates from information technology, healthcare, finance, and environmental sciences can find jobs after completing their master's. Numerous global companies in Canada provide opportunities for international graduates to work for multinational corporations and gain international work experience.

Study in Canada

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