Scholarships at Vancouver Community College

Location Vancouver
Established 1965
Famous For Two-year Diploma Programs
Canada Scholarship
Scholarship Name Canada Scholarship
Academic Year 2024
Scholarship amount Up to $40,000


Open for UMAP programs starting between April 1, 2024- March 31, 2025

Award Value and Eligible Expenses

The UMAP-Canada Scholarship value is based on the type and length of program: 

Physical mobility

  • One academic term: $10,200 CAD

  • Five to seven month study period: $12,700 CAD

  • Eight month study period: $14,700 CAD

  • Short-term programs of 7 to 30 days: $3500 CAD

Virtual Mobility

All programs longer than one week (7 days) to a maximum of one semester (4 months): up to $1000CDN per month, pro-rated for program type and length.

Eligible Expenses (as applicable)

  • tuition or program costs including mandatory ancillary fees;

  • costs of transportation to and from the study destination, for the scholarship recipient only, by the

    most direct and economical route; 

  • costs of visa and/or study/work permits;

  • health insurance in the study destination;

  • living expenses, such as accommodation, utilities and food in the study destination;

  • costs of ground transportation, including public transportation, in the study destination; and

  • books and supplies required for the recipient’s study or research, excluding computers and equipment.

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