Working While Studying as an International Student in Canada

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If you want to study in Canada and work a part-time job away from your studies, you will need to obtain a Canadian Study Permit.

Currently, Canada has more than 600,000 international students enrolled in various levels of education. Many show interest in working in Canada as a student, as the working hours enable them to cover some of the expenses of studying and living. The experience they get on the work also helps them develop relevant skills such as time management, communication, and interpersonal skills for a better career ahead.

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Working While Studying in Canada

Applying for a Canadian Study Permit

To apply for a Canadian Study Permit, a student must have been accepted by a designated learning institution and prove they have enough money to pay for tuition, living expenses and return transportation. If you wish to study a short-term course or program, you do not need a study permit. However, if you wish to work, you will need one.

Allowed Working Hours for International Students in Canada

As an international student with a study permit, you can work as many hours as you wish on campus, but are limited to 20 hours per week off campus.

As an international student, you must adhere to the conditions set via your Study Permit or you may be asked to leave the country. The specific conditions that must be met to work more than 20 hours are:

International students are generally allowed to work less than 20 hours at off-campus jobs. Students are eligible to work off-campus if these requirements are met:

Minimum Wage for International Students in Canada

The minimum wage for international students in Canada is around CA$13, but this does vary from state to state. This is the minimum amount, and one can earn more depending on the job type, location, and skills required to fulfil the job responsibilities.

The Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories provinces have the highest minimum wage for students per hour, starting at 15-16 CAD in most regions.

Popular jobs for international students in Canada

Restaurant, bars and coffee shop service

To work in the service industry in Canada, students must have excellent communication skills. The average pay of servers is not the highest, but customers in Canada are expected to pay around 15-18% tips, which total out to be good amounts for the students. The flexible working hours also make this option better for students who need to make time for their studies.


A sales assistant job is a preferred option for many international students who work in real establishments. They get the experience of selling goods ranging from garments to groceries, and in the meantime, acquire transferable skills for building a better career. The job of a sales assistant teaches students to handle people and communicate well, which are very important for a prosperous career.


If you are looking for a job wherein you can share your knowledge and earn money from that, then tutoring can be the perfect fit. Tutoring services can be given to students of any age and in multiple academic disciplines. Your earnings can be great depending on the subject you teach, your location, and the number of students. Typically, tutors can earn between 30-60 CAD per hour.

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