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Five Tips for New International Students in Canada

Last updated: 1 September 2022 Study in Canada Study Tips

Canada is a lively place to live and study and is fast becoming a must-visit destination for people across the world, with two of its cities - Galway and Dublin - named as two of the world’s friendliest cities by International travel magazine Condé Nast readers. Education in Canada is also gaining popularity among international students looking for a globally recognised bachelors and masters degree at affordable universities.

If you are soon to join a Canadian University or have already processed your application to study in Canada, here is some useful information to give you a head start for this new chapter of your life. Want to begin your application? Arrange a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

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Five tips for new international students in Canada

Canada is a truly unique country, with exciting cities and beautiful countryside to truly make your time here memorable. Studying at Canada’s top universities can be a life-changing experience and these tips will ensure your time in Canada is well spent.

1. Meet new people

Canadians are famously friendly and the country regularly features in global top ten lists as one of the most welcoming nations in the world. One of the best ways to get adjusted to your new environment is to meet new people. This might be fellow international students such as yourself, or domestic students also studying at the same institution as you. You will make many friends whilst studying abroad so start early!

2. Open a bank account and begin budgeting

Students in Canada can open a student bank account with a number of different banks, all offering various perks to students. It is advisable to open a bank account as soon as possible, and to do so you will need supporting documents such as passport/driver’s licence, proof of home address and proof of university enrollment.

Planning your financial expenses in Canada can also help you avoid financial worries. Keep track of your expenses such as food, travel and items required for your course to stay on top of those unexpected surprises which arise now and again.

3. Attend orientation programmes

Every Canadian university and college organises student orientation programmes for the new students before the start of a new academic year. Orientation programmes welcome students and inform them about the various facilities, services, support and guidance available to students on campus and about the structures and procedures of the university.

4. Take advantage of student perks

One of the best things about being a student is the various discounts available to you! You will receive your student card during orientation, so try to hold off on buying any new books or clothes until then to make the most of the new discounts coming your way.

5. Embrace Canadian culture and lifestyle

Prepare yourself for the mild Canadian weather and unpredictable rain. Pack your warm clothes, rain jackets and umbrellas. Canada is full of fun, culture and history. The best way to enjoy your stay in Canada is to visit the local cafes, markets, art galleries and countryside villages and accept the warm hospitality of friendly Canadian people.

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