Université de Sherbrooke

Rank 26
Location Quebec
Established 1954
Famous For Medical Programs, Research Strength


The Université de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking Canadian university home to 30,000 students, 1,600 of which are international from over 80 countries.

Sherbrooke has three main campuses:

  • Main Campus: includes most of the faculties and centres, the management of the institution and support services
  • Health Campus: houses the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and several partners in the field of biomedical research and clinical intervention
  • Longueuil Campus: offers all the material and logistical support required for the hundred or so programs offered

With more than 31,000 students, the University offers around 46 undergraduate, 48 masters and 27 doctoral degrees. It has 61 research chairs, including microelectronics, pharmacology, statistical learning, and environment. The University has also earned a strong reputation for the research capabilities of the faculty and students, who have come up with significant innovations and discoveries in various disciplines.

Services for International Students

More than 1,600 international students are at the University of Sherbrooke, hailing from over 80 countries. More than 82% of the students at the University are from outside Sherbrooke, making it a truly international community.

The International Student Services at the University offers welcoming services to all the new students and help them in various matters. To help students' professional development, the Co-op Work Term and Professional Development Services organizes job fairs, recruiting campaigns, career days and other activities that help students get hired while learning. The team largely contributes to the career advancement of students at the University.


  • 801-850th in QS World University Rankings 2024
  • 601–800th in THE World University Rankings 2023


The University of Sherbrooke provides on-campus student accommodation, but space is limited. Management at the University decides the types of rooms given to the students on a first-come, first-serve basis. When students cannot get accommodation at the campus, they can look for the rental apartments of their choice in and around the areas near the university.

About Location

The main campus of the French-language University of Sherbrooke is located in Sherbrooke, which includes most of the facilities and centres of learning run by the University. The educational institution's management and support centres' offices are also situated on the main campus. Another campus in Sherbrooke is the Health Campus, which houses the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences apart from partners in biomedical research and clinical intervention. The third is the Longueuil Campus, located in Montreal, which offers logistical and material support for the programs offered by the university. 

The nearest international airport from Sherbrooke is Montreal St. Hubert (YHU) Airport, which can be used to reach all three campuses.

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