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"Stay in Canada" Study Scholarship
Scholarship Name "Stay in Canada" Study Scholarship
Academic Year 2024
Scholarship amount Up to $48,000

This scholarship is directed to international students who are already studying at and completing high school in Canada and hold a valid student study permit.

They must be applying directly to King’s from high school (no gap years) for September 2024-2025.

They must be studying on a Canadian study permit and paying international student fees.  Any change to their status in Canada that would qualify them for paying domestic fees would deem the student ineligible for this scholarship and any continuing payments as they would be reconsidered for different entrance scholarships based on their new status in Canada.

To receive the scholarship in the first year, students must

  • Meet the conditions as outlined in their offer of admission

  • Register to an undergraduate program at King’s and remain registered as a full-time student (min of 3.5 course during the Fall/Winter academic year (Sept-April).

  • If they enroll with a reduced course load (part-time meaning less than 3.5 courses) they will no longer be eligible to receive this scholarship.  The residence guarantee will not be conditional on meeting requirements for scholarship fund renewal.

  • They must be paying international student tuition and fees.

  • This scholarship cannot be deferred.

To qualify for the Residence Guarantee

  • Students must have accepted their offer of admission by the June 3rd deadline at the latest to be considered for residence in the first year.  They must indicate their decision to remain in residence for their upper years by January 15th.

  • Recipients are guaranteed 4 years in residence provided they continue to be registered in an undergraduate program at King’s and pay international student tuition and fees.  The residence guarantee is not conditional on meeting requirements for scholarship renewal in their upper years.

This scholarship cannot be held with any other entrance or continuing scholarships at King’s.  Students may apply for, and potentially be eligible, for any of the donor-based scholarship in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th years.

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