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As a country facing an ageing population and over a million job vacancies waiting to be filled, the opportunities for international students in Canada have never been better.

Before studying in Canada, one of the most important questions prospective students must consider is what are the most employable Canadian degrees and are they related to my passion? Knowing the most employable degrees in Canada helps students choose a suitable program which will benefit their future careers.

Canada enjoys a fabulous international reputation among students who can pursue world-renowned degrees in various fields from top-ranking universities. The cost of pursuing higher education in Canada also makes it attractive for prospective students, as it is not as high as in the US or Australia. Plus, the benefits of co-op programs that allow students to work while learning and flexible Post Study Work Permits make it possible for students to stay longer in the country and even apply for Permanent Residency.

Even though the country attracts students from all walks of life, some degrees are more in demand than others due to their highly employable nature. Below we have listed the top five most employable degree options in Canada. If you want to begin your application to study any of these subjects in Canada, arrange a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

canada degrees best job prospects

Most Employable Degrees in Canada

Medicine & Healthcare

In almost every country, healthcare-related degrees in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry have always been the most reliable for finding guaranteed employment upon graduation.

Due to the demand for various healthcare professionals who have gained reputable international degrees, medical education in Canada is a rewarding experience for students. Even though entry criteria is high and competition for places is fierce, it is worth considering studying healthcare subjects in Canada due to the extremely high graduate employability prospects.

Computer Science

Computer Science education in the Information technology era is a field of education that has the potential to create high-paying and fulfilling jobs. The success of IT companies in recent decades and technological advancements have made this sector one of the most sought-after for all the students who wish to build successful careers.

Computer Science degrees fromCanadian universities will help build core technical skills and expand knowledge in the areas of games development, IT, software engineering, artificial intelligence, information security, and cloud computing, among others. The top-ranking schools in the country are at the edge of groundbreaking innovations through their research and development departments, which the students can take advantage of while pursuing their higher education.


As a career option, students have always chosen engineering as a pathway to a fulfilling professional life. The correct engineering degree will provide a wide range of opportunities to students interested in pursuing higher education in the subject. Students can choose from specialisations such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical, computer, telecommunications, geological and industrial.. 

With scores of challenging activities in research, design, manufacturing, development and operation of products and services, students can choose any field that excites them and go forward to have a successful career with high-paying jobs.


Canadian Law degrees are recognized worldwide, making students choose the field to have a successful career. Most law programs provide a critical and comprehensive understanding of the core legal principles and the practical skills lawyers need to make legal analyses. Mock courtrooms in universities also help enhance learning while giving prospective lawyers real-world experience. The students undergo courses in administrative law, civil litigation, family law, taxation, commercial law, and professional responsibility.

Most law degrees in Canada also allow students to take a year's professional placement at a firm. Interested students can also go for overseas education that is a part of the program. The Law Society of Canada accredits all the LLB programs at Canadian universities in a proper setup.


The subject of psychology remains one of the most exciting for students as it seeks to understand the human mind and behaviour. Unravelling the mysteries of the human mind, thoughts and emotions interests people at all levels, and a Psychology degree opens many career options.

There are two types of undergraduate degrees in the subject; the Bachelor of Arts, a course which focuses on the liberal arts and education, and the Bachelor of Science, which deals with science and mathematics education. The modules in the course structure include research, brain behaviour, statistic methods, and learning of social, personality, abnormal, developmental and cognitive psychology, among others. 

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