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Posted 6 March 2023 Psychology

A psychology course in Canada typically covers a wide range of topics related to human behavior, thought, and emotion. The exact content of the course may vary depending on what you are interested in, be it social psychology, developmental psychology, or abnormal psychology. Common elements of psychology degree in Canada include:

Canada remains one of the countries that not only has a high demand for mental health professionals but also provides some of the best programs, which enable students to pursue a career in this esteemed field.Psychologists in Canada earn a remuneration ranging from CAD 49,000 to 117,000, and the professionals in the field are among the highest paid in Canada. According to the Job Bank Canada, the overall demand for psychologists in the country is also set to rise, as 15,700 new jobs will be created in Canada by 2028.

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Top Five Canadian Universities for Psychology

1. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is among the top-ranked universities in Canada and for psychology programs, it has been ranked #1 in 2023. The Department of Psychology at UBC offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology. While studying at one of my most popular undergraduate majors, students can choose the Bachelor of Arts or the Behavioural Neuroscience program. During the first year, an introduction to the discipline is given, which then progresses to receiving specialization in courses like the psychology of sport and cultural psychology. 

The Master’s program in the subject is delivered in a 24-month duration which involves a thesis that each student has to present in the university’s annual Psychfest. Many graduate students also conduct research across a spectrum of subjects in the discipline, including Neuroscience, Behavioral, Clinical, Developmental, Cognitive Science, Learning Enhancement, Health, Social/Personality, and Quantitative Methods. 

2 University of Toronto

The University of Toronto Department of Psychology offers a Bachelor of Science degree that gives students a strong foundation across the entire discipline, including knowledge of the methods used in psychological research and introduction to other fields within the subject. The university continuously updates the curriculum to incorporate the latest research and address several challenges that show up in the field, including intergroup relations and neuro-ethics. 

The graduate program at the university enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in graduate education and research. Clinical Psychology at the university is offered by the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science, whereas the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development offers programs in counselling psychology, developmental psychology & education, and school and clinical child psychology.

3. McGill University

McGill University is among the oldest educational institutions in Canada, which was founded in 1821. The Department of Psychology at McGill University offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science and also combination courses through the Faculty of Arts and Science. The first ever psychology course was taught in McGill in 1850, and in 1910 the first psychological laboratory was established. 

Across all the course programs, students are given various choices, including health psychology and hormones, psychology of bilingualism, and behavioural psychology. The graduate programs are offered in the form of two full-time research-intensive tracks in either Clinical Psychology or Experimental Psychology. Both these programs ultimately lead to a PhD degree in Psychology. Students are also encouraged to conduct their research projects while pursuing their education. 

4. Simon Fraser University

The Simon Fraser University Department of Psychology offers programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. At undergraduate level, students can choose to take up BA and BA Honours in Psychology, apart from the joint major, minor or extended minor for students pursuing a degree in another discipline. The Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology offers a Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience. The other major joint programs are offered in collaboration with the department of criminology, bachelor of business administration, and the department of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies.

At the graduate level, students can opt for MA and PhD programs in six core areas of the subject, including Clinical Science, Cognitive & Neural Science, Developmental Psychology, History, Quantitative & Theoretical, Law & Forensic Psychology, and Social Psychology. A professional PhD training program is also available in Clinical Psychology.

5. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo Department of Psychology offers undergraduate and graduate programs focusing on experiential learning, encouraging students to participate in research projects, attend conferences and volunteer. Students can take up the subject as a major or minor for a three-year or four-year program at the undergraduate level. At the graduate levels, students can choose from a Master of Arts, a Master of Applied Science in Applied Psychology, and a PhD Program.

Research at the university is undertaken by the department of psychology in six major areas of clinical, developmental, cognitive, industrial and organizational, cognitive neuroscience, and social psychology. The university has state-of-the-art facilities for conducting research, including ERP, psychophysiological measurement, MRI scanners, and digital video recording and streaming.

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