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Posted 17 November 2022 Canadian Course Guide Law

Law or legal studies is an educational field that comes into contact with almost every area of human life, touching upon many issues related to politics, business, the environment, international relations, human rights, and trade.

Students pursuing law learn how to tackle some of the major problems and conflicts that happen between people, organisations and entities in our society. The educational framework touches upon a deep understanding of different societies and cultures, which makes the law degree one of the most sought-after courses that are offered to students at the university level, worldwide. By studying a law degree in Canada, students will develop vital skills such as legal research, negotiation and booting, giving them a strong base to begin their legal career.

Learn more about the best Law Schools in Canada below (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022) and if you would like to begin your application to study at a Canadian Law School, arrange a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

Top Law Schools in Canada

1. University of Toronto

The Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto has an international reputation of great stature when it comes to legal studies. The teaching faculty at the U of T include some of the finest theoretical and doctrinal legal scholars in private and public law.

The law school conducts workshops, lecture series, and roundtables to foster a dynamic intellectual environment wherein students are able to study through the learning atmosphere and the distinguished visiting faculty. Apart from the formal study program at the school, students are also able to participate in internships through the Pro Bono Law Students and International Humans Rights programs. 

2. McGill University

The Faculty of Law at McGill University is recognised as one of the best places in the world to study law. The department offers various challenging and stimulating programs at graduate, master's and doctoral levels to students wanting to pursue a career in law.

One of the flagship programs available at the University is the BCL/JD program which offers two degrees to students in a span of 4-years. The foundational grounding in law at the school is solidified through hands-on experiential learning and the various international opportunities given to students.

3. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is the top law school in British Columbia. At the University of British Columbia, the Peter A.Allard School of Law is the institution that provides legal education to students. It is one of the world’s leading centres for law studies and research at the graduate, master's and doctoral levels.

The faculty members engage in giving impeccable education and conducting research having local, national and international impact. The students also get to have the most extensive and innovative curricular opportunities available in the country.

4. University of Ottawa

The Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa offers graduate programs leading to master’s and doctoral degrees in law. The University reflects Canada’s bilingual characteristic by providing programs in both English and French and tri judicial legal system (civil law, common law, aboriginal law) to have programs that take care of the different sections of the system.

The LLM degree at the school can be done through a thesis option and a research paper option. Students can also participate in collaborative programs at the Faculty of Law in Women’s Studies which eventually becomes LLM with Specialisation in Women’s Studies.

5. Université de Montréal

The Faculty of Law at Université de Montréal has been teaching Law for over a century, making significant contributions to the overall evolution of law and its recognition as an academic discipline.

The faculty at the law school offers a comprehensive and varied legal education directly paving the path to practice law as well as in careers where the knowledge of the law is required. The programs at the University intend to broaden legal knowledge in a stimulating environment that combines theory and practice. 

Study Law in Canada

If you wish to study at a top law school in Canada, arrange a free consultation with SI-Canada today.

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