St. Clair College

所在地 Windsor
創立 1966
有名な専攻分野 Business


St. Clair College provides degree, diploma, and certificate courses with over 100 available to study across multiple fields, including science, arts, education, and medical. It also offers apprenticeship programs, English as a Second Language (ESL), and post-secondary career programs.

St. Clair College has its roots in the Western Ontario Institute of Technology, founded in 1958 as an affiliate of the Ryerson Institute in Toronto (now Ryerson University). With the advent of the College of Applied Arts and Technology, St. Clair College was founded in 1966. The two institutions merged a year later.

St. Clair currently has over 14,000 students enrolled, almost 4,000 of which are international. The College is known for providing high-quality, accessible educational experiences that support career preparation and innovation and ranks amongst the top 50 institutes in Canada.


St. Clair College provides counselling services to students who require any assistance with mental health and wellbeing while studying at the school. Topics such as accessibility, academic, career and personal problems can all be discussed.

Accessibility services can help you identify and develop an accommodation plan with the appropriate support services, whilst academic Counselling can help guide you with course selection or deal with academic challenges.  There are also lots of on-campus health services available, plus comprehensive services through the Windsor Family Health Team.

Other perks include:

  • Student-run program clubs
  • State-of-the-art gym facilities on campus
  • Student government to hone your leadership skills
  • Saints Gaming eSports team
  • varsity and intramural sports

The College also provides a generous scholarship program to international students who are eligible for the many awards on offer.


Notable St. Clair College rankings include being one of Ontario's top five universities for student satisfaction in 2017 (THE), 1st in Canada by SCC for most women in computer networking programs and being considered one of Canada's top research institutions.


St. Clair College offers three on-campus residences that are located inside the campus. The Quittenton Hall residence has over 200 suites that comprise two bedrooms equipped with essential amenities such as 24-hour security, cable TV, kitchenettes with microwaves and mini-fridges.

At Chatham, there are 12 units and 48 ​​student residences on campus, each with four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms. The GEM Residence is specifically for international students.


The St. Clair College campuses are spread across southern Ontario. Its largest and main campus is located in Windsor-Essex and is home to 10,000 students. Other campuses are located in Chatham and Wallaceburg and all can easily be reached through public transport.


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