Columbia College

所在地 Vancouver
創立 1936
有名な専攻分野 Excellent Academic Preparation


Columbia College is one of the oldest not-for-profit colleges in Canada, started in 1851. Columbia College firmly believes in affordable education for its students and individualised, flexible and innovative learning while pursuing higher education. The institution focuses on excellence in traditional and non-traditional programs, providing quality education to the students to attain their true potential.

Columbia College ranks 47th in the Regional Universities South among various universities in Canada and is in the top 160 for Social Mobility.

Courses available at Columbia College include Accounting and Finance, Arts and Music, Business Management, Computer and Maths, General Studies andHumanities, as well as several degree options, including Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Nursing and Health, Science and Social Sciences.

The trimester system and full range of courses each semester enable students to complete the program faster at the College, while the associate degree programs in art and science make students eligible for a post-graduate work permit.


Columbia College supports international students and those willing to study, work or volunteer abroad. It does this by conducting programs which create global awareness and appreciation. International students are eligible for academic scholarships. In addition, it offers a program for learning English for academic purposes.

Columbia College offers comprehensive English for Academic Purposes courses to support academic delivery. Students are also welcome to receive free English, Maths, Economics, and Social Sciences tutoring. Besides this, personal counselling, academic advising and health services are also available.


Columbia College offers a homestay program for international students to ensure a smoother transition when they move to the College. Approximately 300 students are placed in its homestay every year.


Columbia College is located in Vancouver with two campuses - North and Main - both conveniently located for students.


  • Avery Bourne: Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives 
  • Ron Stallworth: American retired police officer
  • Charles McGee: American fighter pilot, one of the first African American aviators in the US military
  • Larry Young: American racewalker
  • Jane Froman: American actress and singer



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