College of New Caledonia

所在地 Prince George
創立 1969
有名な専攻分野 Student Services


The College of New Caledonia has been open since 1969 and offers a range of vocational, technical and university credit programmes. Every year, on average, around 5,000 students are enrolled.

In total, the College is made up of six campuses and there are Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree & Post Diploma Programs available in the following areas:

  • Business and management
  • Community and continuity education
  • Health sciences
  • Human services
  • Technologies
  • Trades and industry
  • University studies

The College of New Caledonia actively promotes the success of its students in a dynamic and consultative atmosphere, encouraging them to undertake research and development and capitalise on the opportunities in the market. Successful completion of the volunteer activities helps students earn a certificate from the International Student Leadership and Ambassadorship Program.


There are 300 individual scholarships, bursaries and awards worth $250-$1500 awarded to students based on their academic excellence and financial requirements. Costs related to the books, fees, adult special education, and English second language courses are covered by AUG (Adult upgrading grant).

Students with disabilities can avail themselves of the accessibility services to get equal access to education as others and succeed in their studies. 

The College makes it easy for the students to explore the right job and career for themselves through self-assessment, career exploration and job search. CNC Career fairs are held to provide better exposure and help students get their dream jobs. 

Students enrolled in the college, having a visa/study permit or visa along with a study permit approval, can receive a Travel Support Letter from the college. They need to provide the arrival date confirmation and flight itinerary copy.


Students can live on campus at student housing or off-campus by renting private accommodation. There are 92 rooms in on-campus housing with $450/month fees. It has basic amenities such as a bed, desk with storage, fridge and microwave. Patio, barbeque and grass lawns are shared by the students. There is one shared bathroom adjoined to one other room.  

Private 2-bedroom apartments cost $900/month, while the house rentals are around $1025/month. These are available at a short bus ride or within walking distance from the College of New Caledonia and help the international students integrate into Canadian culture while living independently.


The College is located in Prince George, a city of 80,000 which offers an easy going, but exciting Canadian study experience.


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Priyanka Jain Business and Management

Priyanka Jain