U15 Canada Universities

U15 Canada Universities

Introduction to the U15 Group of Canadian Universities

The U15 Group of the Canadian Research Universities is a collective of some of the country’s most research-intensive universities. The U15 members drive research excellence and are vital members of the international research community.

Each institution advances its research and educational mandate. By coming under the U15 Directorate, each member institution is supported, keeping in mind all members' collective interests. As a group, U15 fosters the development and delivery of sustainable, long-term higher education and research policy in Canada and globally.

Why is the U15 Group considered elite? 

All U15 universities are home to world-class researchers using the latest state-of-the-art research infrastructure to make groundbreaking discoveries. U15 group members undertake critical, crucial fundamental research, work with partners from the public, private and government sectors, train citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders to mobilise knowledge and then capitalise on it to strengthen the foundations of Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

Together, the U15 Group of Universities:

Why does research funding matter? 

The U15 Group enables a robust research environment wherein universities are better able to continue to drive their groundbreaking research initiatives. With a strong foundation for research funding, universities continue to conduct research and innovation on matters of interest to the local, national and international communities.

When universities conduct research, much-needed discoveries come to the forefront to change the course of life for people worldwide. This becomes the most fundamental reason why research funding is of paramount importance to Canadian universities.

U15 Canada Universities - The Members

University of Alberta

One of Canada’s top five research-intensive universities, the University of Alberta has a stellar reputation for excellence in translational and discovery research across diverse impact areas.

University of British Columbia

A global centre for research, teaching and learning, the University of British Columbia consistently ranks among the top 20 public universities worldwide and was recently recognised as the most internationally acclaimed university in North America.

University of Calgary

A global intellectual hub, the University of Calgary takes its academic and research plans ahead to drive innovation by connecting the mutual values of student experience and impact.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university. It is recognised for its outstanding quality of innovation and research, making a regional, national and global impact.

Université Laval

Université Laval is Canada’s 7th leading research university. Driven by excellence in innovation, the University has impeccable technological platforms and scientific expertise in various areas. 

University of Manitoba

Recognised as Manitoba’s premier university, the University of Manitoba has a tradition of excellence in scholarly work, creative abilities and research. It is well known for conducting world-class research, enhancing the community and shaping leadership. 

McGill University

McGill University researchers are known for their scientific and technological breakthroughs. They came up with the world’s first blood test for cancer and the foremost internet search engine, among other important innovations. 

McMaster University

McMaster University is the country’s most impactful and research-intensive university, consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. McMaster’s researchers have achieved extraordinary success in outcomes that have a far-reaching impact on our planet's prosperity, health and future.

Université de Montréal 

Université de Montréal is a leading research university and one of the best-known French-language universities in the world. It is home to 465 research units that are highly active in every field of knowledge. It is Canada’s only university to offer a full range of disciplines in life sciences.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is world-renowned as the largest bilingual university (English-French). The researchers are world leaders in vascular and cardiovascular health, photonics, and brain and mental health. 

Queen’s University

Queen’s University has a long history of innovation and discovery. Researchers at Queen’s have helped shape knowledge on some of the world’s most pressing questions in various fields. 

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan has led far-sighted research and innovation for more than a century. Researchers have been instrumental in developing the cobalt-60 cancer therapy technology and more than 400 commercial crop varieties, among other critical, groundbreaking innovations. 

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is Canada’s most innovative university and is a leading institution of discovery, learning and knowledge creation. The University has 1000+ research labs and state-of-the-art equipment with advanced computing.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is home to transformational research and inspired learning through a cooperative education program and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Western University 

Western University excels at moving research out of the labs to people’s lives through extensive collaboration on networks allowing researchers to impact policy-making on a global scale.

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